Pure Taboo Horror Anthology Series Under the Bed Looks ‘Within’ for Episode One

Within’, the first episode from Pure Taboo’s spine-tingling erotic horror series Under the Bed, makes its debut today (October 10) at PureTaboo.com and on the AdultTime.com streaming platform.
Emily Willis and Emma Hix star as friends who rent a cabin in the forest for a peaceful getaway, only to have their solace shaken by the unwelcome presence of an unwanted intruder (Michael Vegas) who lives in the woods.
“Each episode is a short film, with its own vision, style and codes; it goes from campy to eerily unsettling,” said Frank Stacy, the series’ Executive Producer. “It’s a very unique project that we hope will please the audience of Pure Taboo and Adult Time for Halloween.”
Award-winning series creator Bree Mills will write and direct an episode of Under the Bed, which she describes as “modern horror television for adults that happens to have sex in it,” and has invited talented directors Joanna Angel, Eric Falardeau and Fred August to share their horror stories in upcoming episodes as well.
The trailer and full scene for ‘Within’ are available at PureTaboo.com and the dedicated channel on the Adult Time platform at AdultTime.com, home to the most extensive catalog of award-winning content – with access to over 100 channels and 60,000 episodes in one subscription!