Indulge Into Temptation With MYLF: Athena Anderson, Elena Bunnz, Sydney Paige, Plus More Irresistible Moms Headline New Scenes

Prepare to be seduced as MYLF releases 5 new scenes this week guaranteed to make audiences yearn for more! Featuring popular talents like Athena Anderson, Ariel Darling, Sydney Paige, and other captivating milfs.

There’s a Mother’s Day talent show happening in a new UsePOV episode, “Naughty Talent Show Prep”. Athena Anderson gets help with rehearsing with her music teacher Sophia Locke. Athena’s stepson, Allen Swift, gets dragged into doing the talent show with her. Allen isn’t interested in the show at all– but since it’s a freeuse world, he helps himself to their bodies to make the show a bit more interesting for him.

Sydney Paige and Trixie Dicksin go on a Mother’s Day trip to Miami with their stepson/step-grandson (Nicky Rebel) in an all new PervNana scene, “A Vacay will Cheer you up”. Both Trixie and Nicky are in good spirits and excited for the trip, but Sydney is down because she recently got divorced and Mother’s Day is the same day as her wedding anniversary. To try and cheer Sydney up, Trixie and Nicky decide to turn this trip into a hot and pleasurable experience for all of them. They start with taking turns eating Sydney out before having a threesome!

Mylf Labs takes a third shot with Alexa Payne in “Concept: 50 Questions With… #3”. After 2 successful Lab scenes shot with the Vogue 75 questions-like concept, this time we have Alexa answer questions asked by cameraman Jay Rock. She talks about her favorite workouts, hobbies, turn-ons, dreams, and other things before getting it on with Jay!

Elena Bunnz encourages her stepdaughter’s (Joey White) new hobbies in a brand new FreeUse Milf scene, “Chess Just Got Naughty”. Joey has recently gotten into playing chess, so Elena hires Nicky Rebel to help Joey improve her chess skills. Luckily, Nicky uses the freeuse approach when teaching his students. Joey and Elena have a great time bonding with Nicky over their interests for chess and blowjobs!

Part 2 of MYLF’s newest movie “Momster-in-Law” is premiering on Mylfed. In “Momster-in-Law Part 2: The Test”, Ryan Keely is still trying to find a way to get her stepson Oliver Flynn from marrying his fiancée Serena Hill. But, when Oliver has to go away on a business trip, Ryan now has to spend alone time with Serena. The first night the two ladies are alone, Ryan convinces Serena to sleep in the same bed as her since she’s feeling lonely. While the two are in bed together, Ryan tells Serena that she wants to know what her stepson likes about her so much, is she really that good in bed? Soon enough, the two women are exploring each other’s naked bodies.

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