Khloe Kingsley-From Bible Belt to Superstardom exclusive profile

Born in the Bible Belt, and forced into signing abstinence cards in seventh and eighth grade saying she wouldn’t have sex before marriage is not the typical trajectory for someone entering the Adult Industry. Once her mom found her journal detailing all her naughtiest adventures and promptly kicked her out. By chance, or maybe fate,  an ex-boyfriend running another girl’s Onlyfans hired her to shoot, which led to opening her own Onlyfans account. A short time later, she entered the  Adult Industry. Sound Simple? Life never is, we begin deep inside the Bible Belt.

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Khloe Kingsley interview

SW: Sherman Way

KK: Khloe Kingsley


SW: Where are you from originally?

KK: I’m originally from Kansas.

SW: Born and raised?

KK: Yeah, till I was fourteen.

SW: Did you go to a public school, private school?

KK: Public. Definitely. There’s no private schools where I live.

SW: In grade school, did you have a favorite subject?

KK: I would say I was pretty good at math. I was decent at it until high school when it got too hard.

SW: I know you’re really young at that point. But did, you have any idea what you want to do with the rest of your life?

KK: Not really. I still don’t. But I mean, I’m in this industry and I love it a lot. So, for the foreseeable future, this is where I am.

SW: In high school, were you a popular girl, a loner, a geek, a nerd?

KK: I wasn’t super popular. I was definitely like a sports girl. I was always, you know, the basketball player and that’s kind of what my thing was. So not super popular, but not like a loner. SW: Popular with the boys?

KK: A little, I guess, but not super, I’m still learning how to grow in this industry, so definitely not so much.

SW: Were you ever bullied in high school or grade school?

KK: A little bit in grade school just because I was huge. I was like five, six in the fifth grade. So, I was like super big and all these little tiny girls. And they’re like, yeah, it was not the best.

SW: And had you done any modeling or anything at that point?

KK: Not until I was like eighteen, nineteen. I started to do like some just some normal modeling stuff and I liked it a lot, but you don’t really make any money and all everything was out in LA, so couldn’t exactly.

SW: So, you were in Los Angeles at that point?

KK: I live a couple hours away from Los Angeles, but it’s pretty close.

SW: Were you discovered? Did someone come up to you? Did you read an ad? Like how did you do the modeling?

KK: I kind of started an Instagram page and just started taking some pictures, really. It wasn’t anything super fancy. And then, you know, photographers would be like, hey, you want to take some pictures? And I’d be like, yeah, cool. Why not? It just kind of blossom from there.

SW: Was it figure modeling? Lingerie? Catalog shots?

KK: Definitely not.  Nothing like risqué, or anything until like later. But mostly just like outdoorsy type pictures, cute girl pictures, you know, like Instagram worthy type stuff. SW: When you took that material, you mentioned you weren’t getting paid. Were you doing it for the attention or did you just want to try photography or modeling?

KK: Just because I liked it, I always had a great time doing it. So, you know, I just did it as much as I could while not making much money at all.

SW: Do you remember the first time you saw something adult related magazine, a movie, maybe late night programming?

KK: I was probably nine or so. When I stumbled across porn on the internet.

SW:  But did you know what that was?

KK: No, I kind of just watched videos and whatever kind I came across and eventually got caught.

SW: Did it ever cross your mind that you could do what you saw?

KK: I was definitely very sexual growing up. I always knew that I liked it, but my family was pretty conservative. I mean, I grew up in the Bible belt, so I was signing abstinence cards in what, eighth grade, seventh grade saying I will not have sex before marriage. And I was just like, ‘this is stupid, I like sex. Why is it such a thing?’

SW: Did you go to your high school prom?

KK: Yeah, my junior and senior year. My parents wouldn’t let me go before that.

SW: Was there a happy ending in the whole bit? Did you guys go out and spend the night together?

KK: No, not really. Just because I mean, I didn’t date anyone junior or senior year. So I kind of just went with my friends, my basketball friends.

SW: You didn’t date, was that your personal choice or you didn’t like to date? Were you too shy?

KK: Probably a little bit of both. I just didn’t find anybody that I cared enough about to actually date them. So, I just kind of focused on high school and just having fun instead of boys. And then, the end of senior year, I kind of I got a boyfriend or whatever, but.

SW: You finished high school. Do you go to college? Do you get a job?

KK: I did one semester of community college and I hated it. I just kind of stopped, I had no goals with college. So I was like, why spend the money? And I just kind of stopped. And then I was working in restaurants. Pretty much from seventeen until I started in the industry.

SW: How do you make the transition then into this wonderful world of adult entertainment?

KK: I definitely started with OnlyFans. It was a nice stepping stone to kind of get yourself a little comfortable, a little acquainted with everything.

SW: Only fans, how do you find out about that?

KK: It was actually one of my ex-friend’s boyfriend. He is older. He’s like in his forties or so. And they ended up breaking up and he started dating an OnlyFans girl and he hit me up and was like, ‘Hey, you know, my girlfriend does this and this, you know, she does only think that she does really well at it. If you want to like come and shoot with us for the week, we’ll pay you, I think it was like five thousand.’ And I was like ‘For a week, absolutely I’m there, sign me up!’

SW: And that first shoot you did for them was that solo stuff? Was that boy-girl, girl- girl?

KK: It was mostly girl-girl stuff and solos, just to make a bunch of content. And then at the end of that, they were like, you know, you’re really great to work with. We love working with you. If you want to keep working with us, that would be great. We love that. And I was like, yeah, sure, why not?

SW: You mentioned your parents were conservative and stuff. Was that a turn on for you to do that type of content? Or was it something you were curious about in general?

KK: I wouldn’t say it was a turn on. My parents would say I was boy crazy in high school, but towards the end of my senior year when I had my boyfriend, I would sneak into my house and everything and we would have sex and I would write about all this stuff in my journal, you know? And then right before I was about to graduate, my mom decided to go and read that journal. All the bad stuff that I had ever done; you know, I was such a bad person, bad influence. So, she kicked me out and I was like, ‘OK, this is great.’

SW: You decided to do your own OnlyFans. Do you do start with solo first and then maybe girl-girl and then boy- girl?

KK: Yeah, I didn’t do boy-girl probably until like a year after I started. But because I had the long term boyfriend at that point, he was just kind of weird about it. I didn’t know how to go about that. But it was mostly girl-girl and just solo stuff and it was really easy to navigate that in a relationship, so.

SW: Did your boyfriend take all your photos and stuff for you and shoot your videos?

KK: No, I kind of did all my own. He wasn’t too involved in it, but he’s my ex and I have been dating another guy for a long time and he does a lot of my photos and videos and stuff.

SW: And after you get started, how long did it take you to pick up the OnlyFans concept? KK: It took me a while to really get used to it, being naked in front of other people and putting myself on camera and all that. Because when I was modeling, I wouldn’t even show my nipples because I was scared what people would think of me. And then I kind of just got over it.

SW: Were you doing live shows and that kind of thing too?

KK: No, I didn’t do too much of that. I really wanted to do that this last year, but where I live is like out in the middle of nowhere, so I don’t have great internet at this point.

SW: My reason for asking all this, is I was just curious the first time you did a live show, I was wondering what your response would have been the first time a man pulled out his penis.

KK: I would say I haven’t done live shows, but when I was in high school, I would Skype some guys  and we would have Skype sex or whatever. And it was just kind of weird because I thought, ‘This isn’t doing much for me, but I’m sure it’s great for you.’

SW: And at that point, were you taking naughty pictures for these guys with Skype and everything or even people in high school?

KK: Yeah, not people in high school. I would say they were older guys for sure. But yeah, I was taking pictures. I didn’t know how to take pictures, so they were like probably really bad.

SW: Did they promise you they wouldn’t show anybody the photos, but you know they did?

KK: Probably, yeah, that’s usually how it goes.

SW: And were these nudes, or were they like sexy lingerie and stuff?

KK: I didn’t have any lingerie back then, so it was pretty much just naked pictures.

SW: And you’ve been on OnlyFans for how long?

KK: I would say since the beginning of 2021, so like two years.

SW: Well, now that you’re a veteran, to be successful on OnlyFans, is it about personality or do you think people come to watch you get boned?

KK: Yeah, definitely. I think a lot of people care about you as a normal person. They care about that just as much as, you know, the sex part, which is great because it’s, you know, better to be viewed as a human being than anything else.

SW: When you do photos and stuff, do you do stuff you want to do or stuff you think will sell?

KK: A little bit of both. there’s certain things that you kind of have to do that you might not care for too much to do, but you do it because people really like them. And I like making people happy and satisfying them. I definitely do stuff that I like too.

SW: And for you personally, when you shoot content, do you like the stuff to be all glammed up and stuff? Or do you just like to be like the girl next door?

KK: I’m definitely like a girl next door just because I’m still learning how to be a girl in a sense, how to dress and how to do makeup and all that. I still can’t put big eyelashes on. So yeah, it’s hard. I never was really allowed to wear makeup until you know, I moved out. And so, all that experience had to be taught myself.

SW: Do you do custom work?

KK: Yes, I do.

SW: Craziest request you got for a custom video.

KK: I think I am not too much of a dominant person, so like all of the humiliation type stuff is like harder for me.  I don’t know how to be mean.

SW:  How do you make the transition then from OnlyFans to mainstream adult?

KK: I saw like a little bit of a dip in my OnlyFans. And I was like, how can I you know, kind of market myself, I would say, a little bit better? So I was like, why not just, be in the mainstream adult industry?

I’m already pretty much doing it.

SW: Had you worked with adult stars or anything when you were doing your OnlyFans? Have you collabed or anything with anybody?

KK: No, it was just usually the other OnlyFans girls.

SW: So, you decide to go into mainstream. Do you Google it? How do you find an agent or how does all that happen?

KK: I kind of had an OnlyFans manager at one point, for a brief moment. And he took us all to AVN show in January, all his girls, or whatever, so we could meet all the agents and talk to them and figure out who we liked and kind of went from there.

SW: What was that situation like for you, when you got to see the fans with the girls and just see all of that? Was that something you’d wanted yourself, like that type of, I guess, attention or adoration, whatever?

KK: I think I was just really ready to take it up a notch a little bit and just seeing like the interaction between, you know, the girls and the fans, was really, it was sick. I loved it. And I was like, I want that.

SW: And right now you mentioned you’re working on your brand. Do you have specific goals in your mind?

KK: I’m kind of just going with the flow and kind of seeing where it takes me. I still have a lot to learn in like the industry. I didn’t really start until March-ish. So, I’m kind of just figuring myself out and how I want to do it.

SW: Ok,  you decide to do your first movie. You go to the set, and for sake of discussion. It’s a boy-girl. What is your reaction like the guy walks over, introduces himself. Does that turn you on? Does it make you nervous?

KK: I was very nervous. My very first scene I went there, I got my makeup done, and that was like the first time I had ever gotten my makeup done professionally. So, it was totally like new stuff. And I did all my paperwork and all that. And then when we were taking pictures, getting ready for the scene, the guy kind of walks in and he’s, you know, he was really chill. He kind of just relaxed for a little bit until we were ready to start.  I was very nervous. I was like, ‘What do I do? Like, am I doing this right?’ And when you hear the actual scene, I’m guessing there’s dialogue or some kind of setup.

SW: Was it harder for you to do the dialogue and the setup or to shoot the physical, the actual sex?

KK: I actually didn’t have like a script, It was like the “she’s new kind of thing”. So, they just gave me a little interview, told everybody it was my first time pretty much and kind of just went along with the scene like that. So that made it a little easier. I was really nervous in the interview. If you watch it, I’m sure you guys can see it all, it was nerve wracking, but I made it through.

And after that, it got a little bit easier.

SW: So, you do your first scene. It goes well. Do you take some time off before you shoot again or do you immediately start shooting? KK: I definitely got a lot of work at first. So, it was a bunch of scenes kind of in the next following weeks. I feel like that was a little bit better just because it got me kind of used to it instead of taking breaks.

SW: How much different was it shooting your OnlyFans’ stuff versus shooting mainstream adult?

KK: It was very different. A lot more prep time, all of that. Having to interact with other people was really cool and having more people in the room with you is definitely different, but it makes it a little bit more fun, in my opinion, because they’re just shooting the shit and having fun while the scene’s going and it makes it a little more exciting, I guess.

SW: But is it? Is it a turn on for you to have sex with strangers?

KK: Definitely. I think it’s really cool to kind of meet somebody in one day because I was never really into the hookup culture, I guess, too much. I’ve always just been in long term relationships. My last relationship was three years. The one I’m in now is three and a half. So, it’s definitely a different vibe to it all. And I think it’s really cool to do that at the same time.

SW: Before you got in the adult business, had you had any preconceived notions about the adult entertainment industry?

KK: Not too much, people would judge you for it. I knew that coming in and I didn’t really care too much because at this point, you know, you only have one life to live, so you kind of just make what you can make what you can with it, so.

SW: At this point, you’re doing boy-girl, girl- girl, solo?

KK: All of it. I just started doing anal a couple months ago. I’ve had a few of those scenes and I love it a lot, so.

SW: Had you done anal before you got in the adult business?

KK: Yeah, in my personal life.

SW: And how did you get together with ?

SW: At this point, do you kind of have a game plan in your head?  We’ll say for 2024 at this point because 2023 is over. Do you maybe want to have specific goals for the first six months? Is there maybe companies you want to shoot for magazines or publicity?

KK: I kind of just go with the flow. I know I still look really innocent, so I’m still just getting booked for teen scenes even at twenty-three. But I think it’s cool, I’m kind of just going with it and see where the universe takes me.

SW: Up to this point, how many scenes have you done?

KK: Oh, good question. I’ve done quite a few. I would say at least like fifty or so.

SW: Can you recommend any ‘must see’ Khloe scenes?

KK: Oh, yes. My first anal scene with Vince Carter was really great. It was for Evil Angel. That was probably like one of my best scenes that I’ve done so far, and I loved it a lot.

SW: How much different are you than the person people see on camera? How much of this is an act?

KK: I would say most of it during my scenes is me acting because I’m not too out there normally and very kind of keep to myself a little bit. But I’m not, you know, cute and innocent or whatever. I’m a little bit fiery. I’m not afraid to speak my mind, things like that. I think I’m a complete 180 from how I’m perceived regularly.

SW: Is that done on purpose, though, for business reasons?

KK: Yeah, I feel like a lot of guys want you to be like ditzy a little bit, especially like as a blonde. They expect you to be ditzy and like innocent and, you know, like just submissive, I guess.

SW:  So you’re not submissive when it comes to sex?

KK: I can be, but not all the time. I like to, you know, have my time, my turn.

SW:  You’ve been into girls for a long time, right?

KK: Yeah, my whole life. I think my first kiss was a girl.

SW: So you had sex with the girl before you had sex with the boy?

KK: No, I had sex with the guy first, but I was definitely into girls first. I was kissing girls in the bathroom in like third grade and I got in trouble for it.

SW: But at that point, do you look at another girl and say, she’s really cute and I’d like to kiss her?

KK: Not in the earlier years. I would say definitely as I got older I kind of pushed out, I didn’t want to like girls, I guess, living in Kansas because they don’t like that at all. They don’t like anything in Kansas. But yeah, I definitely got made fun of as a kid when people found out that I was kissing girls. So, I kind of pushed the girls away a little bit until high school. And after that, I kind of came out as bisexual and kind of did my thing from there. But I still didn’t, you know, hook up with girls until after I was probably eighteen or so.

SW: And do you have a look for you? Do you have a type of girl you like?

KK: I wouldn’t say a look per se, I just like people who can, you know, have a good conversation with me and can kind of match my energy. You match my energy,we’re perfect.

SW: Now, for a boy to have a chance in hell with you, does he have to be tall, short, fat, skinny, what kind of men do you like?

KK: I like them a little chunkier. I don’t like them too skinny. Muscular is OK. I definitely am the dad-bod type of girl. I don’t care about too much as long as you’re the same height as me. I don’t think I could do shorter, but same height or taller.

SW: Do you tend to intimidate men? Because you’re a good-looking woman. You’re probably had a whole lot more sexual experience than they have.

KK: Yeah. I would say so just because I’m very  out there. I’m not afraid to, you know, be myself. And I think maybe that does intimidate men a little bit. I’m not afraid to say something.

SW: Something sexually or just something, period?

KK: Something, period.

SW: Do you like the DDLG fetish?

KK: I know what that is. I don’t care for it too much, but you know if other people are into that, I like to role play, go along with it.


SW: And prior to you going all the way, had you masturbated or BJs or anything with anybody or did you just lose your virginity first?

KK: I definitely masturbated a lot before I had sex my first time. I don’t think I ever did blowjobs before, but I definitely did hand jobs and you know, rub together.

SW: Do you remember where it was when you lost your virginity?

KK: It was actually in grade school. I was thirteen, so I started pretty early and it was in a truck. It was in his truck in the middle of nowhere.

SW: Did you initiate it or did he initiate it?

KK: I would say it was mutual. We both kind of knew what we wanted and we’re kind of just leading up a little bit by little bit because we were both virgins, so.

SW: He must have been an older dude. Obviously, if he’s driving.

KK: Yeah, he was a little older.

SW: So you have sex the first time. Do you immediately become sexy active or do you wait before you do it again?

KK: I didn’t have sex again until I was sixteen because my parents found out afterwards. And they were pretty pissed and kind of shunned me away for a while until we moved out here. I had sex again when I was sixteen in a school elevator. And then after that, I didn’t have sex again until I was eighteen.

SW: Do you remember the first time you gave someone a blowjob?

KK: You know, I would probably have to say like seventeen or eighteen.

SW: At this point, do you consider yourself good at giving BJs?

KK: Definitely. I’ve gotten a lot better, a lot more experience.

SW: What’s the secret to a good BJ? Are you a hand person, a spit person?

KK: I’m definitely a messy person. I like to make it nice and slick. I feel like that makes it more enjoyable, I like it when there’s more lubrication like when I’m masturbating. So, I would think that most guys would like it to be a little slippery.

SW: Do you have a sense of power over a man when you have his penis in your mouth?

KK: Definitely. You know, I feel in that position, they’re kind of like the most vulnerable that they can be.

SW: Is that a turn on for you?

KK: Definitely. You’re making them feel good. I like seeing like the reaction that they give you and it’s really hot.

SW: Have you ever used your oral abilities to get something you wanted?

KK: Oh, definitely. Oh, all the time.

SW: When was the first time you had anal sex?

KK: Anal sex would probably have to be when I was eighteen. That was probably my first time. I tried doing it when I masturbated and I didn’t like it beforehand. But then I was like, eh, we got to try it, you know, with the guy. And so, I did. And it was all right. I was kind of iffy about it still. But then I kind of started doing it more on my own. And I was like, ‘You know what, this is kind of nice. I kind of like this a lot.’

SW: Doing it on your own, using a toy, using your fingers?

KK: I started off using my fingers and then more toys as I started to enjoy it more.

SW: Do you do rim jobs in porn and in mainstream.

KK: Yes.

SW: You like it?

KK: I like it. I think it’s hot when guys are comfortable enough with me to say, ‘Hey, this is what I like. Will you do this for me?’

SW: Do you like it done to you?

KK: Yeah, definitely. It’s very, very stimulating.

SW: What is it that gets you going? Do you like your neck nibbled? Maybe your boobies played with; your clit licked.

KK: I actually have this spot on the back of my head and I don’t know what it is, it just gives me tingles. It always shoots tingles throughout my whole body and that’ll turn me on so quick. So, if we’re kissing, you can, rub the back of my head and that’s perfect.

SW: Do you like rough sex?

KK: Definitely. I like hair pulling. I like spitting. I like spanking, slapping, all of that.

SW: Do you talk?

KK: A little bit, nothing too crazy.

SW: You talking dirty or is the person talking dirty to you?

KK: A little bit of both. If you talk dirty to me, I’m going to reciprocate. If you’re talking dirty to me, and that’s what you want. I’m going to give it to you.

SW: And when you’re having sex, are you a vocal person?

KK: I wouldn’t say too much, not as much as I am in mainstream adult, I think just reactions don’t have to be so over the top.

SW: And sex, do you like fucking or do you like making love?

KK: Depends on the day. If we’re feeling crazy, you know, we can fuck. And then, other days we could take it slow, slow it down, be gentle.

SW: Do you have a favorite position?

KK: I would say doggy is probably my favorite position. You get in real deep with that one.

SW: And for a guy or a girl to go down on you, what’s the proper way?

KK:, Don’t be afraid to be a little, you know, harder because I feel like a lot of people are just, really soft with, you know, eating people out. You can rub my clit with your tongue a little harder or, you know, you can suck on it. You don’t have to be so gentle.

SW: And your butt, do you like being spanked?

KK: Definitely. I love being spanked.

SW: Spanked a couple times to get into sex or does getting spanked turn you on?

KK: A little bit of both. Definitely. I like it hard too. I don’t know why, being in the industry, you have to be like softer so you don’t make marks, but I like it when marks get left.

SW: So you like being spanked, so it’s red and the whole bit?

KK: Definitely.

SW: You mentioned something interesting. Do you find that you have to tone yourself down for sex when you’re shooting adult films? Because maybe when you get home, you really get crazy.

KK: In certain aspects, yes, especially if the person’s not into super, super rough sex, you kind of have to take it down. But at the same time, I also have to be a little louder than I normally am and be a little more animated, I guess.

SW: So you exaggerate for porn.

KK: Yeah, a little bit.

SW: What is a good scene? Is a good scene perfectly lit energy and all that stuff? Or is it like two people who are sweating and into each other and just going at it?

KK: Definitely. When we have chemistry, when we’re making jokes with each other a little bit beforehand. It makes it so easy to have good sex because I feel we’re in tune with each other and you’re kind of just going with the flow and being yourself.

And I think that makes a great scene.

SW: And you mentioned it earlier, you liked having sex with strangers. Is it a turn on for you if someone basically looked at you and says, I’m just going to fuck the shit out of you today?

KK: Yes. I feel like that would be a great starting to my scenes for sure.

SW: Same thing off camera or no?

KK: Yeah, for sure.

SW: Being a sex worker, is sex still a big part of your life? Or do you feel like it is work now?

KK: It’s definitely still a big part of my life. You kind of need good sex to, you know, maintain a decent relationship. So I definitely have to make time out of my work to do things in my personal life and keep the spark going a little bit. I think that definitely helps not to burn yourself out too much.

SW: And you’d mentioned, I think you’re in a relationship with somebody for three and a half years, I think. Is it difficult to have a relationship? I’m guessing he’s a civilian.

KK: I call him that all the time and he thinks it’s so funny.

SW: But is it difficult though for you guys to have a relationship because you’re in this business and he’s a civilian?

KK: No, not too much because, I kind of just keep my work a couple hours away and I come home and it’s my home life pretty much. If we have an issue, it’s pretty easy to bring it up and talk about something that, you know, maybe bothers us or something we want to change. It’s not hard if you’re talking to each other all the time.

SW: Does he expect Khloe porn sex or do you guys just do your thing at home?

KK: If he asks for something like that, yeah, but we wouldn’t a lot of the time. Sometimes I will role play and he’ll call me Khloe. But I think we kind of just keep it pretty, pretty close to ourselves for the most part.

SW: And when you role play, what kind of niches are you into? Because you mentioned you weren’t into the DDLG before.

KK: I don’t think he’s too much into that. We have the one fantasy we’ve done together is like, oh, like Nurse Khloe, I need you to fix me up and make me feel better. I think that’s probably one of his favorites. And it’s super fun to, you know, figure out what to say and go along with it.

SW: Do you like having sex in public?

KK:  Yes, I’ve definitely done it a couple of times, more than a couple of times.

When we met, we started having sex in Steakhouse bathrooms. It was great.

SW: Is it the thought that people are watching or you might get caught that turns you on?

KK: I would say not even the fact that we get caught. It’s just that people know when we come out of the bathroom together or like when neither of us are at the table and all of our stuff is there. They’re like, ‘Hmm, I wonder where they want?’

SW: Is it a turn on for you normal people jack off to you when watching your stuff? KK: Definitely. I love it. I love like satisfying other people and like making them feel good. Like I think that’s really hot for sure. SW: Do you know what a badge bunny is?

KK: I don’t think so.

SW: For sake of discussion, you and your significant other are doing your thing in a car. And a cop stops you or catches you. A badge bunny works it out with the cop to let you go.

KK: Gotcha.

SW: Is that something you’d do?

KK: I don’t see why not. I think that’d be kind of a hot scenario, actually. Kind of like getting caught, saying “Oh shit, we’re caught. My pants are down. Sorry, officer. What can I do for you?”

SW: Ever masturbated or anything in them?

SW: Have you ever pegged a guy?

KK: No, but I really want to.

SW: Do you want to peg the guy for the sake of pounding him or you want to peg the guy because you’re curious? Your know, your face just lit up!

KK: Yeah, so me and my boyfriend have actually been talking about it a little bit. You know, he’s like, maybe we can we can start,  doing this because I fingered his butt one time, but he wasn’t super into it. I think he’s very open to, you know, trying it. And I’m very excited to start.

SW: Some girls, I guess, have had issues with men. So, when you give them a strap on, it’s like look out.

KK: Yeah. You know, I just like making people feel good. I am definitely a giver. So I like making people feel good. And when they feel good, I feel good.

SW: When you’re not doing interviews and stuff like this, what do you like to do?

KK: I live out in wine country, so I drink a lot of wine. I like to be outside. I live on a bunch of land right now, so I like to go outside with my pups and run them around a little bit. I need to get back in the gym for sure, because I do enjoy working out. I just have to get back into it. And yeah, just, you know, going out with my friends sometimes and just hanging out.

SW: Do you have any celebrity crushes?

KK: Michael B. Jordan, he’s really hot.

SW: For sake of discussion, you could do a sex tape with him. What would you do to Michael B. Jordan?

KK: I would have him definitely tossing me around, everywhere, all over the house. I would definitely do everything that I could, everything possible. We’re doing anal, we’re doing everything.

SW: What could he do to you though?

KK: Never really thought about it. There would definitely be a lot of toys involved. I would definitely want him to spank me and spit in my mouth and all that.

SW: You mentioned toss you around. Is that physically like pick you up, throw you on the bed and do doggy with you and pound you into the bed basically?

KK: Definitely. If you like look at my first anal scene with Evil Angel, Vince Carter is really tossing me around, throwing me into different positions. It was really hot. I love that. Toss me around. Put me in any position you want.

SW: Have you done any bondage or stuff like that?

KK: No, not really. I think it would be a cool opportunity to like do,

SW: Are you familiar with CNC scenes?. It stands for consensual non sensual.

KK: Yeah.

SW: Would you do something like that?

KK: Definitely. I’m definitely into almost all  kinks. I was pretty much into all that probably a couple of years ago, but you know it kind of just fades out.

SW: So handcuffs, blindfolds, all that stuff is cool with you?

KK: Definitely. That’d be awesome.

SW: For you, is it the turn on that you’re giving up control in a sense?

KK: Yes, definitely. I like being submissive and I like being dominant both. But when I am submissive, I like you to do with me as you please.

SW: Are you more sub or dom with women?

KK: I would definitely say more dominant with women for sure. I feel like women are maybe a little bit more shy in general. So, if you kind of take the lead, it helps them be a little bit more comfortable.

SW: Do you like using a strap on with a girl? KK: I did a strap on video with the with a girl from my OnlyFans a couple of years ago. And it was like, honestly, the best thing. It was so fun.

SW: At this point, what is the reality of this business versus what people think it is?

KK: I would say reality of a lot of stuff is that it’s not real. A lot of scenes have like dialogues and stuff, and it’s just not something that would happen. It’s cool, like fantasy, but a lot of people think that those are the type of things that happen in real life.

SW: Earlier this this this week at this point, it seems like in a month, but on this site, There was a discussion thread about the entire stepson, stepdaughter, step this, step that and step everything else at this point themed videos. KK: I’m always, you know, stepdaughter, whatever. So it does get kind of monotonous and boring after a while. And I know a lot of people like it. So, I’m just like, whatever.

SW: What do you think physically is your best asset?

KK: My booty. I got a big juicy booty for a little skinny girl.

SW: So, you’re cool when guys are staring at it, maybe whistling?

KK: Oh yeah, I make sure you can see it.

SW: So, you show it off on purpose?

KK: Yeah.

SW: So would you call yourself a cock tease?

KK: Definitely. Absolutely. I want you to stare at it because it’s hot to me that you like it; you can’t touch it, but you can look. SW:  Are you purposely wearing a half dress where you know your butt’s going to stick out and you know somebody staring at it and he’s going to jack off? He’s never going to get it? So, is that the thing for you?

KK: I would say it’s pretty subconscious, but I like it. I don’t do it on purpose half the time. But, you know, I buy shorts that make it stick out.

SW: How about your boobs, do you like your boobs played with?

KK: My nipples aren’t super sensitive, so I don’t mind it. If they like it, I’ll go for it, go for it, you know?

SW: Pinching your nipples okay?

KK: I actually don’t like them being pinched. You can pinch them like lightly, but a lot of guys will go hard. So, I just kind of sweep that off the board.

You know, like, grab them {her boobs}

and squeeze, but like, not my nipples.

SW: Anything you want to say to all of your fans?

SW: What are your social media handles, Twitter or Instagram?

KK: Sure:







SW:  And how much input do your fans have as far as like your OnlyFans content?

KK: I would say eighty to eighty-five percent. Sometimes  people say what they like in general and I’ll kind of go off of that.

SW: Anything you want to say to your fans?

KK: Just that I appreciate them in every single way. I like making you feel good. I hope I made you feel good. And yeah, I just love them. I wouldn’t be here without them.

Thank you Khloe, special thanks to Tiffany at  for her help with this.




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