Kimmy Kimm: Not Your Typical Southern Belle-Exclusive Profile


Hailing from Northern Georgia, Kimmy Kimm is not your typical Southern Belle. Or wildly popular porn star. Yet she has no regrets, loves her chosen path, and, {over the past three years}, has barely scratched the surface of what she hopes to achieve in this industry. While many performers look for excuses as to why their careers aren’t going the way they expected, she welcomes the challenge of, not so much proving them wrong, but succeeding where others have quit. Such an approach is paying off as her fan base grows, and more and more fellow performers request working with her. Read on and find out why.

Interview: Sherman Way

Editor: Ralph Greco Jr.

All photos courtesy of Kimmy Kimm

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SW: Sherman Way

KK Kimmy Kimm

SW: Tell me about your OnlyFans.

KK: So my OnlyFans is @KimmyXKimm, and it’s two M’s at the end. I like doing all kinds of content there. I do girl, girl, boy, girl. I just did some cosplay stuff for Halloween that’s coming up. It’s been a lot of fun to fill up my schedule with stuff for that.

SW: When you shoot for your OnlyFans, do you shoot stuff you want to shoot or stuff you think will sell?

KK: Mostly stuff that I want to shoot. I like shooting especially for OnlyFans, just with my favorite people, people that I’ve mostly already shot with on set that I really liked or had a connection with. It makes that content so much better

SW: Who do you like to shoot with?

KK: Lulu, Lulu Chu. Scenes with her always sell really well, too, because we’re really good friends, and everybody loves seeing that. I just did a cosplay scene with Jasmine Tea. I love shooting with a lot of other Asian women as well, because it’s fun, and we have similar fan bases, and we can relate to each other in a different way. We can also help each other grow. I’ve had a lot of fun with a lot of different Asian girls.

SW: Jumping around here a bit, have you shot with Clara Trinity? Is that her name?

SW: And Lulu, what is it about Lulu that all you ladies can’t get enough of?

KK: I don’t know. I think it’s just the fact that Lulu is so nonchalant and does not care if you like them or not. That gives her a magnetic pool to be like, ‘Oh, well, I know that you don’t care if I like you, but I want you to like me.’ So, I think that’s kind of the magnetic pull that Lulu has, she is so chilled, nonchalant, relaxed and very down-to-earth.

SW: To be successful on OnlyFans, do you think your fans come for your personality or more to watch you get boned?

KK: I think it’s a mix of both. I think that certain people end up getting jealous whenever they do see me having sex with other partners on OnlyFans. Others really love to see me push myself to the limits.

SW: You say ‘certain people,’ are these fans you are talking about or those other performers?

KK: Oh, yeah. Fans. Fans, for sure.

SW: Do you do custom work?

KK: Yes. I love doing customs. Tomorrow, I’m actually going to be doing a joint custom with Dharma Jones, and I’m very excited about it.

SW: What’s the craziest request you got for a custom video?

KK: For a custom video? Or a custom shoot?

SW: Custom anything.

KK: Oh, well, it’s not super crazy or anything, but one of the most fun requests I’ve gotten was when someone asked me to just take ten photos in random locations in my house…and not in the bedroom. So, I had to get really creative. I took a photo of me sitting on top of my fridge, another one, like standing on the toilet in just like random locations. That was really fun. But I always get crazy requests , some of them I have to say no to.

SW: You touched on it earlier. Asian women I hate calling it a niche and I apologize for that, but always seem to be super popular. Why do you think that is?

KK: I don’t know why it happened, but I’m so glad that it did, because I was someone that grew up feeling so estranged because I grew up in north Georgia, and I didn’t know a lot of other Asian people. I ended up growing up feeling really isolated and different and kind of hating it and wishing that I wasn’t Asian. But now, I feel like it’s popular right now, so I’m trying my best to use it to my advantage. I’m finally super happy with the fact that I’m Asian. So, I don’t know what it is or why it happened, but I love it.


SW: I think one of the things is, you’ve got a very small, beautiful woman taking these huge, big things in places where they shouldn’t.

KK: Yeah, I think that is something about it because even when I was young, I would hear people say “Oh, you know you’re Asian, your vagina must be so tight.” Or, “Your vagina sideways, isn’t it?” And I didn’t know if it was sideways or not. So, I remember coming home from school and asking my mom, “Do we have sideways vaginas?” And she was like, “No. No, we don’t.” But I didn’t know what any other vaginas looked like at the time, so I was just like, “Oh, maybe they’re right.”

SW: You mentioned growing up. Did you go to a public school, private school when you were growing up?

KK: Yeah, I went to public school. I went to a private school for kindergarten, but then after that, every year, I was in public school.

SW: In grade school, did you have a favorite subject?

KK: I think it all depended on who the teacher was because I was someone that, if you couldn’t make me interested, then I wouldn’t be interested. I very much depended on who the teacher was.

SW: I know you were really young at that point. But did you have any idea what you want to do with the rest of your life?

KK: Oh, I had no idea. I wanted to be so many things. I know when I was really, really young, I wanted to be Britney Spears. After that, I’m sure it was probably like rocket scientist or oceanographer or biologist. I remember saying I wanted to be a vet for a little bit. I wanted to do everything.

SW: You mentioned Britney Spears. Did you want to do that for the attention, or did you want to be a singer?

KK: I wanted to dance like her. That’s all I can really remember is, I wanted to be able to dance like her and probably sing too.

SW: In high school, were you a popular girl? Were you a loner? Were you a geek, a nerd?

KK: I moved around a lot. For my last few years in high school, before I dropped out, I think I had two years in high school before I dropped out. Then I was doing a night school program because I would work during the day to be able to make money. I worked during the day at the restaurant, and then I would go to my night high school. It was very different from regular high school because I did do one year of regular high school, too. But everyone that was at this night school was there just to do their work and finish. It was more people that needed to work to make money. It was also people who had gotten pregnant and just wanted to fly through their classes and get it over with because you could work at your own pace. And people who were about to age out of high school.

SW: Were you popular with the boys?

KK: I would like to think so. I had a few, but then I ended up getting into a relationship with someone who I worked with at the restaurant, and that ended up being long-term. I ended up dropping out of high school and then just getting my GED after that.

SW: You mentioned you had a few. You had sex with a few or you had a few boyfriends?

KK: Both. There was one boyfriend who I had in that night school that was too nervous to have sex, so we never had sex. But then another guy I was really attracted was like a super hippie. He wouldn’t wear shoes to school. I thought that was so cool. We ended up having a one-night stand but never dating. Then I ended up dating one of my friends for a short period of time. Before that, I had dated a few guys within the same friend group. I would say there was about four of them that were in the same friend group.

SW: When you’re dating or hooking up, for you, were you a hit-and-run type of girl where you saw the dude?

KK: I think I really liked connecting with people, and it doesn’t really matter in what kind of way. I mean, if they wanted to stick around, then they would hang out, and I would make them some food or some tea. I would make scrambled eggs or something super simple. And they would always just be so impressed because they were just like, “Oh, no one ever makes me food anymore.”

SW: Were you ever bullied in grade school or high school?

KK: Definitely in middle school, but that was related to the fact that I lost my virginity very early, earlier than a lot of other people. So I was kind of ostracized and called a slut and made fun of in that aspect. But before that, it was more so just that I was made fun of for being Asian and having squinty eyes or whatever.

SW: You mentioned you lost your virginity. Did that make the other girls mad? Did they think you wanted to steal their boyfriends?

KK: Yeah. It was more just that they thought it was super wrong and that I shouldn’t be doing that. And yeah, they were mad when their guys wanted to hang out with me.

SW: Were they jealous that they weren’t doing it?

KK: I think so. I’m not super sure, but maybe.

SW: And when you lost your virginity, did you want to do it? Or was that like a peer pressure thing where your friends had already done it? They’re just like, “What are you waiting for?”

KK: No, no one at my school had really done it yet. I wanted to because, when you’re eleven, your feelings are super intense and you feel like you found the love of your life.

SW: At eleven, what does a boy say to get in your pants? Or do you look at him and you want to get in his pants?

KK: We had been dating for three months, which I felt was three years at the time. I just felt like I wanted to do it, I do remember saying stuff like, “Are you sure? Should we be doing this? You really love me,” and stuff like that. We just ended up doing it.

SW: You do it the first time. Do you immediately become sexually active, or do you wait?

KK: Yeah. We kept doing it, and we were dating on and off from the time I was eleven until I was sixteen. So from then on, we’re having sex and really learning about it together and understanding how it worked and realizing that we didn’t really need to feel so guilty about it. Also realizing that we did need to be careful because I didn’t want to end up pregnant. Especially in Georgia, where there’s such a lack of sex education, we didn’t really know any of those things.

I have foreign parents, so they weren’t very open and willing to teach me these things for the first half of my life. But yeah.

SW: You mentioned before about possibly having a side vagina. Was that before all this happened or after that?

KK: Yeah. That was before. So, before I had had sex, I was probably still in what is it, elementary school. And people said that Asian girls had sideways vaginas, and I believed them for a little bit and asked my mom.

SW: And before having sex, had you seen adult material, or how did you know what sex was?

KK: No, I hadn’t seen it. But my sister, who was a little bit older than me, had had sex already, and she got in a lot of trouble for it because she ended up getting caught. But I remember it being a really, really, really bad thing. And then when my parents separated and my mom finally had her freedom to be herself, she became a little bit more open about what sex was with us. She had her rules that were like, ‘Don’t get pregnant and don’t do anything to hurt yourself or die.’ Those were her rules. I was allowed to have sex all of a sudden, and so I did.

SW: Was there any sort of rebellion thing to it for you?

KK: Oh, yeah. It was. Because the first ten years of my life were with my dad, he’s very traditionally Asian. It’s his culture and his time period and his age and stuff. He was very, very strict with us. And so, for the first ten years of my life, it was just super, super strict.

Once I had that freedom, it wasn’t rebellion as much as it was like, just kind of going buck wild.  I didn’t actually orgasm or masturbate before I had sex either. It wasn’t until I was having sex, and I felt guilty and dirty. In my head, I knew that hydrogen peroxide would kill bacteria. So, every time after I would have sex, I would just rinse my vagina with hydrogen peroxide. It was horrible for me. My skin down there ended up getting so dry, it was like cracking and bleeding. It got bad enough to the point where I told my mom, like, “Hey, something’s wrong with my vagina.” And she was like, “Okay, let me check it out.” And she was like, “Here.” And she handed me some petroleum jelly and was like, “This will help. Just put it on there.” And then me putting it on there and realizing that that felt way better than even the sex I was already having made me masturbate for the first time.

SW: Then how does an eleven-year-old know about hydrogen peroxide?

KK: Because every time I got like a scrape or a cut or something like that, if I fell and scraped my knee, then my parents would use the hydrogen peroxide to kill the bacteria and put it over the scrape and get the dirt off and stuff like that. So yeah.

SW: So, when you were actually having sex, were you were enjoying it? Was it a fun thing to do, or was it just like a naughty thing to do?

KK: It was both. It was fun. It was naughty. It felt very grown up, even though, now looking back, I definitely shouldn’t have been doing it at that time. I should have waited and gotten more education before I did it. But I felt at the time that I was very grown up and that it was fun and naughty and our little secret. I didn’t tell my mom until I was like twelve or thirteen.

SW: And you mentioned you hadn’t masturbated before you went all the way. Had you given any blowjobs and done anything, or was it just everything all at once the first time?

KK: I had given handjobs. I wouldn’t count one of them as a blowjob, but I put a penis in my mouth for a second and then felt really guilty about it. So I didn’t do that again after that for a while.

SW: Did the guy ask you to do it, or were you just curious and you wanted to see what it was like in your mouth?

KK: Oh, both. I mean, he was like, “Oh, well, we could.” And I was like, “We could.” And then I put it in my mouth for a second, and then I got really not scared, but I got really guilty. I felt guilt come over me. I was like, ‘Oh, never mind.’

SW: When was the first time you gave someone a blow job,was it one of the four or five guys between the boyfriend?

KK: Oh, no. It was the same boyfriend that I had sex with for the first time. It just came later on.

SW: Did he initiate it or did you initiate it?

KK: I don’t remember.

SW: For you, what’s the secret to a good BJ? Are you a hand person, a spit person?

KK: I try to, you know especially on set during consent talks and stuff like that, I try to listen to what they like. And then if I’m watching them, you know jerk themselves off to get ready, I’ll pay attention to how they do it, whether they’re stroking more so at the base or at the head. If they’re more of a tip guy, than mostly I just use my mouth. But if they really like stuff at the base, then I’ll use my hand too.It just goes guy to guy.

SW: And have you ever used your oral abilities to get something you wanted?

KK: To get something I wanted?

SW: You never told the guy to take you shopping and I will give you a blow job?

KK: No. I was never really well, not never. I can’t say never. But especially in my adult years, I haven’t been super materialistic.

SW: When you’re doing a BJ, do you ever have a sense of power over a man because you have his penis in your mouth?

KK: Power? No, but it does feel safe because I’m like, ‘Well, if you do anything that I don’t like, then I can just bite you.’

SW: When you were in high school, had you ever sent any of your boyfriend’s dirty pictures, naughty pictures, any kind of pictures?

KK: Yeah.

SW: Did they swear to you that they wouldn’t share them, but you know they did?

KK: Yeah. It was actually posted to the internet.

SW: Was that part of the reason you got a bad reputation or they called you a slut?

KK: I’m sure it was.

SW: Did it matter to you?

KK: Not really. You know I didn’t really care all that much. I was decently happy, I had my close friends and my family, and they didn’t care. They knew exactly how I was and how I had been.

SW: And after you had sex, do you remember the first time you saw something adult-related, a movie, a magazine, I don’t know, late night TV?

KK: Yes. I just decided to Google porn. I remember not really liking looking at it or the specific video that I had clicked on just because I felt like the guy was hurting the girl. So, from then on, I would just watch mostly girl on girl because I immediately thought like girls you know, in porn, are much hotter than men at the time. I thought they were much hotter than the men that I had seen. I would just watch squirting videos because I thought that was super hot and girl on girl, a lot of lesbian porn after that.


SW: Were you into girls at that point, or was it just beautiful to look at girl on girl porn?

KK: I thought I wasn’t. I didn’t sleep with a girl for the first time until way later. But I definitely was into girls because when I would masturbate, you know, I would also fantasize about my friends that were girls, and I just kind of thought that those were just horny thoughts, and I pushed them to the side. I definitely am someone who likes girls, too, and probably someone who doesn’t necessarily care about gender at all. I do think that women’s bodies are probably the best to look at.

SW: When you saw adult material, did the thought ever cross your mind that I could do that?

KK: Not probably the first few times, but I also didn’t have the confidence to think like, ‘Oh, I could do that,’ and people would want to watch it. I feel like over the past few years, it happened because I was so built up by the people around me, you know like, building my confidence and telling me that I could. So yeah, I don’t think I ever really thought that I could that all by myself.

SW: You finish high school. Do you immediately get a job? Do you go to college?

KK: Well, I was already working throughout high school. I was working in the restaurant industry, and then after I dropped out and got my GED, I stayed in the restaurant industry, and I worked my way up to management. Then the pandemic hit. Once the pandemic hit, I was on unemployment because we couldn’t go to the restaurants. Georgia was the first state to cut off unemployment. So, I was like, ‘Oh, shit, what am I going to do? [ Because we still couldn’t go into restaurants that much. There were very limited hours. My roommate said, “You should sell your dirty panties.” And I was like, “Oh, you’re funny. No one’s going to buy my dirty panties.” And he was like, “No, seriously.” Then he showed me a website, and I joined that website and started selling my panties. And that’s how this all started.

SW: Was that OnlyFans?

KK: No. I was selling my panties on a specific panty-selling website.

SW: When you start doing OnlyFans and you start taking naughty photos, what was that process like for you? Was it nerve wracking? Were you turned on?

KK: My mom actually ended up taking my first professional nudes because I wanted it to look really nice when I did finally open an OnlyFans account. She’s a great photographer. She does it for a living. So, I had my mom take some really nice, artful nudes of me, and then I posted them.

SW: At that point or even now, is it a turn on for you knowing guys will jack off to your movies and your photos?

KK: Yeah. I love that. I love that guys find me hot enough to cum for me.

SW: What was the progression for you then on OnlyFans? Did you do solo for a little bit, then maybe girl, girl, and then boy girl?

KK: Yeah. I started by doing whatever I could. I wanted to do a mix of everything. Now I still feel the same way. I do solos. I do boy girl, girl, girl. I haven’t done anal yet, but I’ll probably start my journey of working my way up to that on my OnlyFans.

SW: Is that a business decision or is that a personal decision to wait to do anal?

KK: Oh, definitely personal.

SW: So you’ve never had anything in your butt?

KK: I wanted to master it or master it myself before I let someone else handle it.

SW: When you’re doing content, we touched on it earlier, do your fans prefer more like the POV type of stuff? Do they prefer the prettier stuff? Do they prefer what?

KK: I don’t really know because I have such a mix of stuff. I know that they love seeing, you know really professional-looking nudes. I did take a poll on that. I do feel like there are still guys that want to see just pictures of me as soon as I wake up or phone pictures of me in the shower or going to bed. I think it’s a really good mix. I try to keep that in mind for my content, where I’m doing a mix of both, like playful selfies and really artful nudes or really professional-looking selfies and really just kind of casual nudes.

SW: For you, when it comes to the actual porn stuff, do you prefer hardcore porn? Or do you like the arty stuff or maybe it’s raining and it’s dripping and wet t-shirts and all that stuff?

KK: I think it depends on what kind of mood I’m in, especially if I’m with a partner, what they bring out in me. I’m very much someone that mirrors whatever partner I’m with, I feel like their energy will reflect through me.

SW: Your partner in these instances, would that a civilian you’re dating or someone you’re shooting content with?

KK: No, just someone I’m shooting content with. Whatever sexual partner I have at the time.

SW: And is it possible for you to keep a relationship with a civilian and be in this business?

KK: Oh, I’m sure it is. I don’t think I would struggle if I wanted to.

SW: At this point, are you pretty comfortable and pretty confident in yourself, as opposed to, we’ll say, a year ago?

KK: Definitely much more confident than I was a year ago. I think you learn a lot from other girls when you’re in this industry, you get advice tips here and there and then you try them out. Sometimes they work great for you and sometimes they don’t, we’re all different. I know that a lot of the girls around me have helped me with skincare and doing my hair and stuff like that. Just knowing how to do that because I never really wore makeup before this, I worked in a restaurant and didn’t really care much. So learning how to do my makeup from other girls, and the makeup artists on set are always so amazingly helpful. I think that that’s helped me the most with boosting my confidence this year.

SW: Now, are you more secure in your body?

KK: I did feel a deep sense of insecurity. I think that just comes from being made fun of because I was different and Asian around a lot of non-Asians growing up in North Georgia. I never really had issues with my body when I was younger because I was in gymnastics. I did cheerleading, and dance. I was always really active. Maybe sometimes I wish I wasn’t as muscular as I was back then, people would call me thunder thighs. At the time, I didn’t think it was super sexy. I don’t know if it’s changed as much now. I definitely have a different body now than I did back then.

SW: How much different are you, say the real person versus Kimmy, the character that’s an adult Star?

KK: I don’t see it as a character. I see it as an extension of myself, I think that in certain videos, I play to very certain parts of me. Sometimes I play very innocent, and sometimes I play very bratty, and sometimes I play very normal me. I feel like it’s just more so an extension of me.

SW: And for you, is a good scene something that’s lit perfectly and everything, the cameras are perfect, or is it like a good connection with your partner and passion and sweating and just crazy sex?

KK: I think passion, connection, and lighting have everything to do with it.

SW: Do you generally have to like your partner to have a good scene with them?

KK: No, I don’t think so. I think you can always fake that. But, as a performer, even if you don’t necessarily get along with someone, you can still put on that performance of, ‘Okay, well, you know this is my character, and that’s his character in this scene, and they’re supposed to be really in love, so we’re going to portray that.’

SW:  And for you, you’ve been in the business for three years now?

KK: Yeah. Coming up on three years. Wow.

SW: So, what do you think your secret is to your longevity? Because that’s a long time now.

KK: Oh, thank you. I think I’ve just been really, really lucky. I have no idea how or why. My agent now is luckily super great. I think even when I didn’t have a great agent, I was kind of stubborn-minded and wanted to be like, I always thought like, ‘Well, I started this. I want to keep going, and I would just try to make things happen for myself.’ I feel like, other than that, I just got really lucky with the people around me and really lucky with the support that I’ve gotten, especially from family and friends.

SW: At this point, is this a career for you or is this a job?

KK: Oh, I definitely see it as a long-term career. I don’t see myself stopping as long as there are people that still want to jerk off to me.

SW: Have you been hit up on social media by some of the people you went to school with before, who bragged that they banged a famous porn star before she was famous?

KK: Not bragging or anything like that, but definitely more so. They approached me with curiosity, some of them are surprised. Some of them say, “Yeah, I could definitely see you doing something like this.”

SW: And for you, what is the reality of this business versus what people think it is?

K: The reality is we’re not all rich. We all are working a real job. We all do multiple jobs. We edit. We do our makeup and hair. We do our own marketing. Luckily, most of the time, we have companies to help us out with marketing. But yeah, we take on a lot of jobs, and it’s a lot more work than the final product tends to show.  At the same time, it is really fun, and we’re all really fortunate to be performers and to have people that want to watch us. So, it’s a little bit of both, what you think it is and definitely not what you think it is.

SW: Do you think people sometimes misinterpret or look at adult material the wrong way, they forget that it’s entertainment, where some teenagers and people will think it’s like a guide on how to have sex?

KK: Oh, yeah, I would not look at porn as any sort of educational material at all. I think that most porn is extremely performative. I think what a lot of people forget is, we have these amazing consent talks, usually, before we start filming. I think that we should include those talks in a similar way to what Adult Time does. I love the way that Adult Time is very open about how we have our consent talks and how consent is sexy and how we need to normalize talking to your partner before just kind of trying something that you saw in a video.

SW: Do you think it would help educate people too if you’re getting ready to shoot for Adult Time and you did a PSA, public service announcement? ‘Hi, I’m Kimmy Kimm, and I just want you guys to know that, basically, this is entertainment. This isn’t real.’ Do you think that would help?

KK: Yes, I think the only problem with that is it takes them out of the fantasy. While porn is just supposed to be entertainment and not education, I think it’s also a form of escapism. So, they want to be able to live in the fantasy bubble of, ‘Oh, shit. She’s my stepsister.’

SW: Have there been any niches or genres you’ve been asked to do that you’ve refused?

KK:  Lulu tells me they ask her to do that “Me love you a long time” and all that stuff, and she won’t go near it. She was like, “Fuck you,”

KK: Lulu is definitely headstrong in standing up for the fact that she specifically doesn’t want to be fetishized as an Asian person, which I totally can understand. I don’t know. I don’t have any sort of kink or fetish that they’ve asked or niche. That’s a better word for it. I don’t have any niche that they’ve asked me to fit myself into that’s made me feel uncomfortable. There’s definitely been some times where it’s been the way they say it that’s been like, ‘Oh, wow.’ I remember one director asked, “Can you speak Asian?” And I was like, “Well, yeah, I know a few Korean words. Like I know some Korean, yes. I can use those.”

SW: Do you have a favorite position?

KK: Favorite position? No, because it depends on the penis or the guy who is inside me.

SW: What is it that gets you going? Do you like your neck nibbled, your boobs played with, maybe your clit licked?

KK: Oh, I definitely love neck kisses. I love my nipples being played with. And most of the time, if I’m having penetrative sex, then I’m playing with my clit myself because I know the buttons to push.

SW:  When it comes to sex, do you like fucking or do you like making love?

KK: I don’t think there’s one that I could choose. I think that it’s both. I definitely have to be in the mood for one or the other. Sometimes I want to be a dirty slut and sometimes I want to be a good girl. It just depends.

SW: What’s the easiest way for a guy to get in your pants? Are you a chocolate and flower type girl? Are you a take me out for dinner, girl? Are you a get-to-know-me-girl? Are you spontaneous?

KK: Ooh, I don’t like flowers at all. I think they’re kind of pointless. I don’t know how to woo me. I think I’m probably pretty simple as long as you’re really, really nice to me and trustworthy and dependable. I find that if you’re funny, that’s probably a huge one.

SW: Can you see yourself having a relationship with a civilian?

KK: Yeah. I probably could.

SW: For a civilian to have a chance in hell with you, do they need they be tall, short, fat, skinny? What would they have to look like?

KK: Oh, I don’t think I have a physical type. Physically, it doesn’t really matter to me as long as, you know, their personality meshes with mine, then if I’m in love, I’m in love, you know?

SW: But does a relationship like that affect your work? If you maybe met a guy and he says he loves your job, but a short time later says, “Stop working.”

KK: No, I wouldn’t do that. I think if someone were to love me and say they love me, then they would have to love all of me. That means loving the career that I’m in and that I love.

SW: Have you met a civilian who’s maybe expecting porn sex from you as opposed to at-home chill sex?

KK: No. That wouldn’t fly either. Maybe for the first night, that would fly. But other than that, no way. If I was in a relationship, well, I would want them to do most of the work because that’s my job. It’s like they always say that women in power tend to be submissive in bed. If they’re in power at their jobs, like say they’re the boss or if they’re a judge or a policewoman, and they tend to be submissive in bed, not all of them, but because they are so tired of giving orders that they just want to end up following orders at home.

So I think that’s kind of a similar way here, where I do the sex work at work, so you’re doing the sex work at home.

SW: So, then you have a submissive personality at work, but a dominant personality at home?

KK: I don’t think so. I think I’m very submissive at home. But at work, I also tend to play submissive, which ends up being me. I think it’s like, I have the power at work, especially when I’m creating content, I have to make all the decisions of what kind of content it is and who I’m working with and setting up a location and getting a makeup artist if I need so and stuff like that.

SW: But sex for you, are you the type of woman that likes hard, heavy pounding or cuddly and romantic?

KK: It depends on the mood. I love being able to have a partner that’s really communicative in the moment. Them just asking me like, “Is this okay? Do you like that?” Stuff like that in the moment works so well for me. It depends on the mood, and then we talk about it during, and whatever it happens, and we both like it.

SW: Do you like rough sex?

KK: Yeah, sometimes. It depends. Again, it’s like what kind of food do you like? I love a bunch of different kinds of foods, but it just depends on what I’m in the mood for.

SW: Having your hair pulled?

KK: Yeah.

SW: Spanking?

KK: Yes.


SW: Talking dirty?

KK: Oh, yeah. I think that’s probably my favorite part.

SW: You talking dirty or them talking dirty to you?

KK: Oh, both.

SW: Do you do rim jobs?

KK: Yeah.

SW: Do you like them done to you or do you like doing them to other people?

KK: Both.

SW: Have you ever done any BDSM and all that?

KK: I did get dommed for the first time by Alison Ray, and she was absolutely lovely. We used a vlogger, and yeah, that was really fun.

SW: Have you ever had handcuffs and blindfolds and all that stuff?

KK: No, not really. Well, in my personal life, I’m sure I’ve used blindfolds and stuff, but it hasn’t really had an effect on me to where I said, “Oh, this is awesome. I should do it so often.”

SW: Do you like having sex in public?

KK: I’m not super for that. I’ve done it, but it was more for the adrenaline rush than anything. It was when I was young, so I was just young and stupid.

SW: Do you know what a badge bunny is?

KK: No.

SW: For sake of discussion, you’re having sex in the back seat of your car, and a policeman catches you. A badge bunny works out with the cop to let her go.

KK: Oh.

SW: Is that something you would do?

KK: No. I don’t think I’d have the balls to do that.

SW: Do you have any celebrity crushes?

KK: I like Pete Davidson. I just like him because he’s funny. I love that he’s not conventionally attractive, but I think that that’s what so fucking hot to me. I can’t really think of anyone else that’s like a big celebrity crush.

SW: If you could shoot a sex scene with Pete Davidson, what could he do to you?

KK: Oh, my God. Anything. Anything he wanted.

SW: What would you do to him?

KK: Anything. Anything he wanted. I would peg him if he wanted me to. I would do absolutely anything.

SW: Have you pegged a guy before? And by the way you just started laughing I’d say you have and that you enjoyed it?

KK: Oh, yeah. I fisted a guy too, but that was not on camera. It was just in personal life.

SW: Have you been fisted?

KK: No.

SW: Is that by choice or it just never happened?

KK: It’s just never happened. I don’t know if I can.

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SW: When you’re not doing silly interviews like this and you’re not working, what do you like to do?

KK: I really love the water, so like pool, ocean, stuff like that. I’ve been really into hot yoga, and I keep begging people, people like Lulu, to go with me to hot yoga classes. Mostly just chatting online and being very active on social media because that’s fun for me too.

SW: We’re getting into award season in porn, nominations and all that. Do you pay attention to any of that?

KK: Yeah. I think it’s kind of hard not to. I think you get swept up into it, you know? You get all these calls that are like, “Okay, you have to be here at this time and then this place,” and then you don’t even know what necessarily it’s about, but you just show up, and then all of a sudden, you’re at AVN, you know?

SW: Would you like to win an award? You know would it be for something specific? Best boy, girl, I don’t know. Hottest Asian?

KK: I don’t know. If there was the Hottest Asian category, that would be the highest of honors. I would love to win that one day. But I don’t know. There’s no specific category that I think like, ‘Oh, like I really want to win that this year.’ I don’t really see myself ever being someone that’s super pushing to win. I mean, I would love to, but I don’t see it necessarily in my cards just yet.

SW: You don’t feel your performances are worthy? You don’t feel you’re popular enough?

KK: Oh, I think, I think every performance that I do, I’m always like, ‘I want this to be my best one.’ So, I definitely like to think that my performances are strong. But I think there is definitely a level of notoriety that I’m working towards that I’m not at yet.

SW: And would there be a movie role or maybe a magazine, a Penthouse thing, or something else that you feel might establish you?

KK: I’m not really sure. I don’t know what it is. I think that a lot of girls, the way they find their success and the path that they take is super different. Some of them, you know, don’t find it in mainstream porn. They find it solely through doing TikTok. And then that boots their OnlyFans really well. So, I don’t know. I don’t know if there’s any one specific thing that I would or could do, but I’m just trying it all and saying yes to everything that comes my way so far.

SW: What are your social media handles? Instagram?

KK: Sure

.SW: And if people want to book you for work, everything goes through East Coast, correct?

KK: Yes. Yeah. All companies go through East Coast.

SW: Anything you want to say to all of your fans?

KK: I feel like I’m the luckiest girl in the world, and every day is the best day of my life. So, thank you for making me feel like that.

SW: Thanks, Kimmy



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