LoyalFans.com Launches Monthly 100% Commission Mystery Days

Once per month, #realloyalfans will be offering 100% Commission Days – the ‘catch’ is when?!

LoyalFans.com is excited to announce 100% Commission Mystery Days. Starting in February 2023, LoyalFans will offer a monthly 100% Commission Mystery Day for creators. The catch? The date itself will be a surprise each month!

Creators who are active and promoting their #realloyalfans’ profiles will be able to take full advantage of this new feature each month.

“We are so excited to be offering 100% mystery days!” said LoyalFans co-owner Neil. “A few months ago we tried this concept out and it was a huge success, so we figured why not bring it back but in a better way.”

“LoyalFans is all about giving back to its creators because without you there is no us,” Neil continued. “We value every creator on LoyalFans, and this new promotion is our way of saying thank you each month.”

LoyalFans will still – of course – be offering 100% commission on International Content Creators Day (annually on August 26th). LoyalFans designated International Content Creators Day back in 2020 as a “thank you” to all the hard-working creators out there that give so generously to their fans and community.

Though you’ll never know when it’s gonna be, 100% Commission Mystery Days will be similar in that the monthly 100% commission period will begin at midnight UTC and will run through 11:59 pm UTC on the same day. So, for instance, if January 11 had been a Mystery Day, this would mean that the 100% commission period would have begun at midnight on January 11th and would have ended at 11:59 pm UTC on that same day.

Please be aware of where local time zones fall relative to UTC. Creators may check their local time zone relative to UTC here.

It pays to be loyal – get ready for #realloyalfans’ 100% Commission Mystery Days starting in February 2023!

On LoyalFans, artists and content creators can turn their inventiveness and influence into thriving businesses via the most advanced and innovative technology available. The site’s features and tools include paid messaging, subscription options, live cams, 1-on-1 video calls, video store, Media Cloud, and more.

LoyalFans prides itself on transparency, inclusivity, authenticity, and stability. The platform offers 80% payouts across the board for all features. Safe, stable payments occur on-time twice per month, with additional lifetime rev share options available. A community-forward space, LoyalFans is committed to fostering a collaborative working environment. Artists and content creators have direct access to site support and coaches, as well as programmers and developers.

For more information about LoyalFans, contact media@loyalfans.com or go to LoyalFans.com to start a creator account.

Let your existing fans and followers know you’re on LoyalFans.com to take advantage of all the features the platform has to offer!


About LoyalFans.com: LoyalFans.com is a premium social media fan club that enables influencers, creators, artists, public figures, and all types of compelling people to interact with and share various forms of original content with their most loyal fans. Creators’ loyal fans can become supporters in exchange for exclusive benefits offered via the platform, facilitating an opportunity to turn individual ingenuity and influence into a thriving business.

LoyalFans invites all people and personalities to create, share, and connect via the platform, thereby manifesting opportunities to earn revenue and grow. LoyalFans welcomes and supports all forms of positive, consensual, creative expression.




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