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For Lulu Chu, “Feed Me” is a perfect example of years of hard work, multiple nominations, a never expanding fan base, and a bit of luck. The Adulttime feature directed by Ricky Greenwood provides her ample opportunity to show off her acting chops. Something she’s been itching to do for some time. While being nominated for Female Performer of the Year was quite an honor for her, the voracious reader is constantly pushing herself professionally, {in this case} for characters that are more complex, requiring different aspects of her personality. Ask her why she remains so popular after three years in the industry, she has no clue, she’s grateful and when it comes time to exit stage left, she will leave extremely appreciative of what this career has provided her thus far. To get a better perspective on Lulu’s journey thus far, be sure to check out our first interview with Lulu from 3 years ago, go to:

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SW: Can you give me a little bit of background on the “Feed Me” project for Adulttime, directed by Ricky Greenwood.

LLC:  “Feed Me” is a horror movie, kind of a mixture between like the Exorcist, Jennifer’s Body, and the movie Teeth. I played the lead role. I was supposed to be this kind of, you know, slightly sheltered Christian girl. I had an equally Christian boyfriend and kind of sexually repressed as many Christians are.  So the story is a allegory for women’s repressed sexuality, and the way that they can be villainized and demonized for expressing that.

SW:  Is this your first time working at Ricky? No, I’ve worked with Ricky many, many times, but this is my first feature with him. Actually, my first feature being the lead at all.

SW: How long of a shoot was this?

LLC: It was 5 days. Every day was about or over 12 hours.

SW: How many sex scenes do you have in it?

LLC: 4, I was having sex every day in it.

SW: Does Ricky approach you with this saying, hey, I got this cool idea. I think you’d be perfect for it. Do they pitch it to you that way? Or did your agent come up to you with it?

LLC: My agent came to me, and was like, hey, Ricky, has this project? Are you available to do it? And I was. Actually, I wasn’t the first person casted. It was supposed to be lily bell, but she had an injury, so she couldn’t do it. So they switched us out.

SW: Is this the biggest project you’ve ever done?

LLC: Honestly, it was a big deal. We had body prosthetics, fake blood, getting shot at my face. I had to act like I was getting electrocuted. There was a lot going on.

SW: At this point in your career, do you prefer doing bigger stuff like this? Or do you prefer gonzo type of stuff?

LLC: At this point, I’ve had enough of the Gonzo or the overdone acting.  So having serious feature films like this is really, first of all, validating to know that people think I’m good enough to be part of it. And then, just exciting to have something new and novel, you know. You know,  I was just this random girl from Oklahoma and in my mind, that’s still who I am. So being cast as a lead in a feature, having people recognize me in public spaces like. It still comes as a shock.

LLC: When you were doing the dialog scenes, is Ricky, the type of director that gives you space to ad lib if you wanted to?

SW: Sometimes, if it works for the scene, but we much pretty stuck to the scrip. As it’s written. With this one, or with Ricky in general, there’s always a little give to change it if something needs to fit better. But we did try and stay as close to the script as possible just because it’s more of a serious thing, and we weren’t trying to focus on improv.

SW: Was it shot in sequential order?

LLC: No, we jumped around a lot, mainly depending on what location we were shooting in.

SW: Being a Horror themed project, was it mostly a nighttime shoot too? Were there daytime sequences?

LLC: This was both. It had daytime and nighttime shooting days. It was supposed to be over the course of maybe a few days, it changed a lot.


SW: With so much dialogue, did they typically do the dialog all day and then do the commercial scenes at the end of the day or did they  mix them up in between.

LLC: We sort of mixed it up again, mainly depending on location. We tried to get all the bedroom stuff out of the way, all the kitchen stuff out of the way, et cetera. But the first day we shot was a 16 hour day and we had to have sex at like 1230 or 1 a.m.

SW: Is Ricky, the type of director that likes to keep you in character when you have sex, because you know a lot of adult directors just do the dialog and then just say, okay,  do it.

LLC:  No, we definitely focused on the character during the sex. The first day, the sex was post exorcism. So it was like very frantic, like my character needs it now, which was very hard to do at 1 a.m. Another one of them, I was having sex with my boyfriend. So we specifically shot that kind of vanilla,kind of awkward.  And then during the boy/boy girl, I was supposed to be possessed at the time. So I was very in character, out of character slutty, and so forth.

SW: For you, was the dialog  easier because you’ve done so many other smaller type of scenes that you can approach this like: it’s easier to concentrate on bigger scripts now?

LLC: I’ve been on enough sets that have had decent scripts to get good at delivering lines. I’ve also been a very voracious reader, I started reading when I was in kindergarten. So dialog and memorizing lines has always come fairly easy to me.

SW: Any funny Spinal Tap moments during this shoot?

LLC: We did have a squirt gun full of blood and we tried it once empty and it sounded  really rough. And so we had to like stop and discuss it for a moment. Like whether we wanted to shoot it out all over my face or not, you know, in case of injury, but I was all for it, because I was like, this is going to look so sick. I’m so excited. So I just took this full blast of blood to my face and it splattered all over the wall behind us. We came back the next day and it was still stained on the wall, which was really cool.

SW: After being in the industry three years and not having done a lot of bigger projects. Subconsciously, do you concentrate more on dialog because you know you can do the sex in your sleep? Or is there still the energy you know, to give it the extra effort to make it memorable.

LLC: I think my approach is pretty balanced. I definitely do make an effort to focus on dialog, but when sex comes, I’m also still in performing mind trying to keep aware of character and angles, etc.

SW: You’ve finished the entire movie, right? The last day they call “it’s a rap”. Are you happy or are you sad? Because now you built this bond with the crew and everybody, or are you happy because this sounds like this is a very intense project.

LLC: I was definitely happy because I could get some regular sleep. It’s also a little sad to have to call it quits on a great project and say goodbye to an awesome crew, then you can look forward to the editing and seeing it come out you know. The poster is released, but not a trailer yet, and I’m really looking forward to that.

SW: From being on set that long, did you get the impression Ricky got pretty much everything he wanted from his original concept? Because you know, sometimes stuff gets cut out for budget reasons or time reasons.

LLC: I feel like we got most of it, there was like this one bit that we wanted to re film, but we didn’t have time for it. It wasn’t a big deal. It was just a continuity thing. I had gotten out of the car and fallen down and then I got up possessed. But I didn’t grab my purse. And in the next scene, my purse was supposed to be on the ground beside me. So there was that. We just said “fuck it” because who’s looking at the purse you know? No, I’ve really enjoyed this. I’m hoping I can pick up some more in the future. I don’t even have to be the lead, just being part of it as a minor character is still fun.

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SW: Was there any part of the script that you felt that like, you know, you guys might be pushing this a bit far? In terms of story and stuff?

LLC: Honestly, no, not at all. I like doing the different, weird things. So for me, it was all so much fun.

SW: Last time I spoke to you was like three years ago, so what’s happened to Lulu in the last three years? I think you’ve got a contract with Brazzers, correct?

LLC: I did 6 months with Reality Kings and then 6 months with Brazzers, but they’re both under Mind Geek, so it was basically the same thing.

SW: Were they what you expected? What you didn’t expect?

LLC: When I was contracted with them, they treated me really well. They would always provide wardrobe, have great makeup artists, on set and make sure that you’re okay and constantly feel safe, that there’s no issues. The only reason I really decided to not resign, it was a little bit mutual, but you know after a year, you kind of want to spread out again and shoot with other studios. But I still really enjoyed my time with them.


SW: You mentioned it earlier, but three years in the adult business, now, that’s a long time, why do you think Lulu Chu has lasted?

LLC: Well, I would say that when I came in to the industry, the only really notable Asian women would be like Asa Akira, Jade Kush,  and there’s definitely a few others. But you know, they’d all been in for a while you know. They weren’t really new blood. So I was kind of one of the first new Asian girls to come in after them. And then Asian people became kind of “trendy” for a while. I don’t really know if it was because of KPop or what, but they got really popular, and then a bunch of other Asian girls started coming in after me. And I’m really not sure why I’ve had such staying power, but I kind of attribute it just to the fact when I came in. I came in at a good time.

SW: You mentioned in the first interview, it was almost a fetish type of thing, having Asian women in adult movies. Do you still feel the same way now? Or is it now just normal? You know, people are people?

LLC: In the adult industry, everything is fetishized from size to hair color to race. So yes, we are all being fetishized, but that’s also why we’re doing this you know. We’re doing it to ourselves, to monetize something that’s already going to happen to us.

SW: Do you have an only fans account?

LLC: I actually had an OnlyFans. It got deactivated.  Now I’m on fansly/luluchuofficial. Personally, I like them better because they’re software seems better. The onlyfans stuff was always so slow, their customer support sucked. They were like, really picky and they’ve started being really aggressive towards sex workers. So I found fansly to be a lot better.

SW:  Do you do custom stuff?

LLC: My customs are currently closed because I have been very low energy for a while. Sometimes I do them, mainly I offer girlfriend experience of just, you know, talking and texting every day, sometimes posting nudes.

SW: Craziest request you got for a custom.

LLC: Strangest request?  I don’t know.  this wasn’t a custom necessarily, but I did get a request to poop in a Tupperware and ship it to someone. Which was really weird.

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SW: When you shoot content for your Fansly account, do you shoot stuff you want to see or stuff you think will sell?

LLC: Well, like I said, low energy, low motivation. I don’t shoot content very often. But when I do, I make it something that I want to do, but also that I know would sell.

SW:  You mentioned low energy, was that low energy from being Lulu? Do you want to kind of go back to being yourself and whatever the real world is, or you just like need a break from everything?

LLC:, I, myself, am very mentally ill. I struggle with ADHD, depression, anxiety, and that means that I never have enough energy or motivation to do the things that I want to, so doing a custom on top of the mainstream work that I already do is incredibly difficult for me.

SW: Was that something that you were born with? Was that something happened while you were in the business?

LLC: I had issues from a young age. I was adopted, so I immediately kind of popped out with some abandonment issues and stuff like that. And then you know I had a bit of a rough childhood. So more trauma with that, and then I may also be autistic. So I’m just I’m just a mess doing my best to hold it together.

SW: You’ve been in the adult industry three years now, your perspective of sex changed?

LLC: Honestly, not much. I feel like before I entered porn, I always saw sex as like something fun to do. Something to share. Not necessarily special, because it’s sex, but special you know, when it’s between two people that love each other. And since starting porn, it’s kind of stayed the same. I feel like I focused more on explorative sex. You know, trying out a bunch of different things. And that’s been good.

SW:And we touched on it earlier, but Lulu Chu the character, are you able to differentiate from that? Or is that still a big part of you?

LLC: I feel like there is a part of me in Lulu and a part of Lulu in me, but otherwise, that is definitely a character for me. I’m a bit of an introvert. I’m kind of quiet.  I don’t go out much, but you know being Lulu on set and in front of camera. I’m always much more high energy.

SW: Your social life. Has it gotten better or worse now that you’re famous person? And yes, you are a famous person. As opposed to, you?  Why are you laughing?

LLC: I just laughed because it always sounds so funny.

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SW: Ok, but Is it hard? Do you date? Do you not?

LLC: I actually have a partner. I’ve been with them for a little over three years now. When I first met him, I’d already been in the industry for a year. So it was very clear from the beginning that this was my job and I wasn’t going to compromise on it. But you know before him in that first year, yes, it was very difficult. I didn’t have a boyfriend that understood. We broke up because of it. It was hard to find someone else after that. I tried to date a performer, that also didn’t work out. He wanted to have kids. I was not about it. So it’s always a struggle to have a relationship within this industry, but with my partner, it’s been a lot easier.

SW: Within the industry, do you think you’ve been given a fair shake ?  You’ve gotten the awards you deserve, nominations, do you even pay attention to any of that?

LLC: I’m not too caught up in the awards and nominations, I have been nominated for female performer of the year, which was you know an honor. I didn’t win, but you know that’s fine with me. Just having my name on there is really fun to read.

SW: How much impact do you think platforms like fansly, OnlyFans and loyal fans and everybody else’s fans at this point has had on shooting for mainstream Adult companies? Has it affected it that much?

LLC: I feel like the rise of OnlyFans did lead a large influx of sex workers into the industry. A lot of OnlyFans girls have also transitioned and do mainstream shooting, I think generally the whole movement has been positive, I feel like there have been some negatives where, because of this big growth, people are under the idea that sex work is easy money for low effort, which is very untrue. And some of these crossover performers are very used to an only fan style of shooting, which is usually more amateur  at home. And so when they get to mainstream sets, they aren’t totally aware of positioning and opening. But you know, aside from that, I’ve been happy with the way things have gone. I think it’s been positive overall.

SW: Social media, do you find you have a different audience on Instagram versus Twitter {X}?

LLC: My Instagram{it is currently active} just got suspended. But when it was active, I definitely had higher engagement there, but less actual interaction, if that makes sense, then on Twitter, respectively. And then I also Twitch stream. And my community and audience there is way different from Instagram or Twitter.

SW: So an outside of adult stuff, what do you like to do assuming you have any time off?

LLC: In my time off, I am usually streaming on Twitch, so yes, I do love video games. I play them all the time. I also like to read, whether it’s novels or web comics, I also love to watch movies and TV, I draw, I do digital art sometimes. I like to play chess.

SW: Are there any Sexual things you want to do that you haven’t done yet. Do you do Anal now?

LLC: I do anal. Every once in a blue moon, it’s not my favorite thing to do.There’s a lot of things on the list that haven’t been checked off. I haven’t done a blow bang. I haven’t done a gang Bang.I haven’t been part of, like a huge orgy yet. I think most of that stuff I would like to hold off for a while. But you know anything fetish like. I want to get into suspension. I want to try electro. I want to do more impact play like, there’s a lot of stuff there that I want to explore.

SW:  But are you a Dom or Sub?

LLC: I am mainly sub, I can sometimes be Dom if I’m in the right mindset, or if I’m with another girl. With girls, it’s kind of a 50 50 on whether I’m sub top.I mainly play off them.

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SW: Have you pegged a guy yet?

LLC: I’ve tried to convince my boyfriend, but no.

SW: Not even a movie though? Because your face lit up when I asked you that. So I can tell it’s something you want to do.

LLC: {Smiling} It’s something that definitely intrigues me,  I’m also really scared of hurting people.

SW: Covid hits. How did that impact you?

LLC: Covid made me focus a lot on my Only fans, and it obviously gave me a bunch of time for it. So that was really good. I was doing really well on there. I also had time to take pole lessons, which I can’t do now because of bruising. And that was really great. I started getting really good at it, putting on some muscle.

SW: Over the last three years, other than the social media, and all the platforms, have you seen any other big changes in the business?

SW: I feel like in the past few years, there’s been a big focus on performers power. You know, when I first entered, I was told somewhat often that we were replaceable. There’s always new girls. There’s always new blood, we could book a new girl, and she would do it, no complaints. You know? And then there was kind of a little “me too” movement, with all the Ryan Madison stuff and a bunch of performers coming forward, and since then, I feel like. There’s been more community in that aspect,  performers are openly sharing and discussing their experiences with others to, informing others of how they behave. That’s been really positive.

SW: For you, what do you think it would take to change the culture for lack of a better word?  When I say culture, the stuff that goes on behind the scenes,that  people are afraid to talk about and that seems to happen so randomly that nobody even gives it a thought.  Because we see it in two different perspectives. You know, I see it when I’m covering a movie shoot and I feel bad for people like yourself. It’s like,I was on a set, and had just watched the do’s and don’ts discussion before they started filming,she was very clear, not to slap her.  that was one of her don’ts. And like it was ,right in the beginning of filming, he slaps her right across the face, everyone kinda looked at the camerman/director/producer for a second,  it wasn’t even questioned. Everybody just kept going.

LLC:  Right. Oh, man. In order to fix those, there would honestly have to be a complete overhaul of the industry.  There’s countless agents, producers, performers that will try to manipulate {the performer} you in some way. And nothing will be done about them. Because either, oh, they’ve been in so long and, oh, they’re so popular, or, oh, they’re not big enough {the performer} to care about. So I think where we are right now, there wouldn’t be any, Feasible way to change it. It would have to be torn down and started anew.

SW: So you mentioned you had no idea you were going to be in the business this long. Do you have an idea of how much longer you want to be in it?

LLC:  You know, at this point, I’m like, I’ll perform as long as you guys want me. And then when you’re done, I will figure something out. I’ve thought about maybe staying in the industry as a director, screenwriter, even just like talent liaison. I think after doing this for so long, going to like a normal civilian job as we say would be just terrible.


SW: Lulu the director, would she be directing  stuff like the “Feed Me” project, would she prefer to do gonzo?

LLC: I would prefer to do features, but you do have to kind of work your way up there. So I would be perfectly happy writing/directing any Gonzo short scene, comedy, whatever. I think as a director, my focus would be on story and  the female perspective, because a lot of porn is, you know, male oriented. And I think that’s a big problem.

SW: Would they be sexually explicit? Would they be beautiful like Vixen?

LLC:  I’m a very go with the flow person. So whatever the scene called for, I would just try to work around that with still keeping in mind my goals of female appreciation. And good acting, hopefully.

SW: The talent liaison. What would you try and drill into these people’s heads when they first get in the business?

LLC: As a talent liaison, I would really focus on telling the talent and making sure that they know they don’t have to do anything they don’t want to do. There’s a lot of girls, some that I’ve specifically spoken with that, yes, they know that, because they are told to do it, they still don’t feel comfortable doing it, they think they’re going to be labeled as difficult. And it really makes me so sad hearing that because you don’t have to compromise on that. You really don’t. I make all of my do’s and don’ts  very clear because I’m not afraid of getting labeled as difficult. But you know these newer girls, these younger ones, they give a lot that they don’t need to give.

SW: In today’s day and age, to be  a successful person in this business, is it personality, or is it sex?

LLC: Oh, definitely both. it has to be a good mixture because, you know, if you’ve got a great personality, but you can’t perform, that’s not good.If you have no personality and all you can do is sex, then you’re probably not going to be cast in any of the bigger projects. You have to be able to act and do dialog. So you have to meet in the middle there.

SW: Some new performers are also told,  you basically should do double anal the first week in the business. Does that have to be a  prerequisite now?

LLC: No. There’s literally nothing required that you have to do. There are things that can be recommended to gather traction and start your audience, but you don’t have to do anal, your first week. You don’t have to do fucking DP after your first year. There’s no set milestones for these things. Girls are just getting fucking lied to.

SW: You mentioned before about a good performance.For you, what’s s a good performance? Is that being a good fuck or delivering a good show to the camera.

LLC: Being a good performer is about understanding that, it’s not focused on your pleasure, but you still should try to make it look fun while focusing on camera and stuff. So yes, it is mainly performed for camera, but of course, we still want everyone to be happy and to have fun and to have a good time. So, do what you can to make your other talent happy, you know? Within reason.

SW: Do you think society at this point looks to adult entertainment for training on how to have sex.

LLC: Unfortunately, yes, there has always been a percentage of the population that believes that. I feel like in the past few years, it’s kind of become a little more obvious that it shouldn’t be educational.  You go to a movie. You see Mission Impossible. Tom Cruise is on a motorcycle. Nobody in the right mind is going to do that. No. So you know it’s fake.

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SW: You see a girl walking into alley and 7 guys just grab her and do what they’re going to do with her. And somehow people think that’s real. Do you think that society needs to understand that maybe this isn’t real? This is a fantasy.

LLC: Okay. Well, to be fair, I’ve never seen a scene like that. In fact, we have to be very careful about that type of stuff.

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SW: At this point, are you happy with your career?

LLC: I don’t know. I’m definitely happy with where my career is now. I feel like it’s going very well. I’m just still surprised that I lasted this long, you know? Especially with how many other Asian women came in after me.  I guess I’m just surprised because this was never like my long-term game plan. It was definitely supposed to be short term, but it’s dragged out, and it’s kind of surprising that people have wanted to watch me for that long. But I also feel like, you know, there’s so many more gorgeous, amazing women out there. I’m like, why are you watching me?

SW:  You mentioned there’s more Asian performers now. Do they look up to Lulu Chu? Do they look up to you for advice?

LLC: They haven’t really asked me for advice or anything, but there have been a few that have come in and be like, oh my God, like Lulu. I watched you before I started. Even if they weren’t fans, they’d be like, oh, I watched your stuff for research before I joined. And that’s very validating to hear.

SW: We kind of touched on it overall. If I asked you this three years ago, I’ll ask you again now, for you, what’s the reality of this business versus what people think it is?

LLC:  I feel like people think it’s all glamourous, orgies and hedonism every day. And realistically, what it is,you wake up at 7 a.m., you go to set, you get hair and makeup done. You spend four hours doing pictures and intro, a fucking half hour of actually doing the sex. And then you go the fuck home. To hopefully do it again tomorrow. Yeah, hopefully.

SW: Do you think Lulu Chu will be remembered for anything one thing specifically?

LLC: The only thing that I could think of that would kind of set me apart, would be my acting. You know, there’s a lot of girls that are smaller Asian or skinny you know. Lots of spinners everywhere. But that’s something that I try to make known about me, that I care about the story, I’m good with the dialog. I love the acting.

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SW:  Tell me about your line of sex toys.

LLC: I partnered with Doc Johnson. They had me molded for their “Main Squeeze” toy. They also molded my butthole and mouth, but I don’t know if they’ve done anything with those yet. But you can buy two versions. There’s one with like a case that you can use to have pressure. And then there’s just like the regular silicone one itself. They’re molded straight from my vagina.

SW: Where can people buy those?

LLC: Sure, go to:

SW: What are your socials.

LLC: Sure:$xxxluluchu



Thanks Lulu, special thanks to Brian Gross, Loula at Adult Time outting this together, please be sure and go to: www.adulttime and check out “Feed Me”, available now.