Mistress Eva Chats with Ezada Sinn about Female-Led Relationships in ‘Talking Matriarchy’

World-renowned dominatrix Eva Oh, aka Mistress Eva, discusses the culture of female-led relationships with Male Trainer Expert Mistress Ezada Sinn on a new episode of ‘Talking Matriarchy’, available now on Sinn’s YouTube channel.
The popular lifestyle dommes sit down together for a virtual chat as they examine their long-distance training courses, where their slaves are tasked with performing their submissive services online.
Oh also contemplates the virtual benefits of her membership site youwillpleaseme.com during lockdown, where her admirers can get to know her better using online programs that reveal and instruct how the fetish queen loves to be served.
“I used to travel to see them… now it’s a lot of time on video calls and setting tasks for them via messaging apps,” says Oh. “I have new content on there… it’s a subscription every month, so it’s a way for them to show that they’re here, they’re watching and they’re dedicated. Once they’re in my inner circle, they have so much different attention.”
Sinn describes her passion for “everyday gestures of obedience and submission” while Oh describes that, while “dungeons are very exciting sometimes – it’s still really fun to lock somebody up in a proper cell – it’s the constant relationship, right, and the little gifts of love, attention and dedication that I cherish so much.”
To listen to the hour-long conversation between Mistress Ezada Sinn and Mistress Eva Oh, visit Sinn’s channel at YouTube.com.
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