Mistress Eva Hosts New Episode of Safeword Podcast, Guests on Turn Me On

 Eva Oh, the internationally-renowned Pro Domme better known as Mistress Eva, has released a brand-new episode of her Safeword Podcast and is also the featured guest on Turn Me On with Jeremie and Bryde.
Oh, who co-hosts Safeword with fetish journalist, educator and multimedia artist Dirk Hooper, opened up on the topic “How Does BDSM Uplift You?”, discussing timely themes such as tolerance, diversity, the demographics of BDSM, creativity, public play and calming the mind.
The duo opened up their social media to listeners’ posts about how BDSM uplifts them, and Oh said she was “amazed by the response and grateful for the community that are ready to celebrate themselves.
Oh also spoke with Turn Me On hosts Jeremie and Bryde on their episode, “Laughing with my Slaves – with Mistress Eva”, where she talked about vulnerability and playfulness, censorship and monetizing intimacy. “I think that everything is an exchange, and I am just making it quite clear with a number,” she said.
“Every relationship has a payoff… I don’t think it’s any different really, it’s just that I have a number as opposed to other needs… my energy in general can be quite limited, and I can be quite intense in how I give it.”
Find the full Turn Me On podcast at Apple Podcasts and listen to the full Safeword episode at Safewordpodcast.com/podcast/safeword-podcast-episode-9-how-does-bdsm-uplift-you and also on SpotifyApple PodcastsStitcherGoogle Podcasts and TuneIn.
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