Model/Actress Ferris Bee Releases First Trailer for Web Series ‘Being Ferris Bee’

The stylized trailer provides a peek at the revolutionary new series which will be showcased on multiple platforms in multiple versions, simultaneously.
Actress and model Ferris Bee has released a teaser trailer for the first-ever web series created to promote a premium social media account.
The revolutionary new series, ”Being Ferris Bee,” is driven by its eponymous star, who prior to opening her OnlyFans, had never given any thought to doing any “adult”-type work.
In 2019, Bee relocated to California to pursue her acting dreams. But in early 2020, the COVID pandemic and social protests brought all her opportunities in the field of entertainment to a complete stop. As her savings dwindled, she was forced to rethink her immediate future.
An acquaintance suggested she try OnlyFans.
The Rochester, New York native is involved in all aspects of production on ”Being Ferris Bee.” The totally-unscripted, innovative and sometimes over the top series plays by its own rules, with each episode an entity unto itself.
Each episode will be released in multiple versions, from SFW to NSFW, on multiple platforms simultaneously. And although OnlyFans is widely known as an “adult” platform, this is NOT a hard-core series — although it certainly has many racy aspects to it.
“‘Being Ferris Bee’ is more like an open diary for the whole world to see,” explains Ferris. “It has something for everyone . . . and then some.”
While the stylized trailer is now showcased on YouTube, it debuted in April on Bee’s OnlyFans account,, where she will also release the completely unrated version of each episode of the groundbreaking series.


Fans will also be able to enjoy extensive exclusive content from the series on Bee’s OnlyFans account.
The first trailer for ”Being Ferris Bee” can be viewed here: