Modern-Day Sins Highlights a Hidden Agenda in Lust Triangles’ “Chaperone’s Ulterior Motives”

 Adult Time Brand Ambassador Lauren Phillips can’t hide her covert intentions in the newest Modern-Day Sins title from Lust Triangles, “Chaperone’s Ulterior Motives”.
Phillips plays a concerned neighbor helping teen Maya Woulfe spark a courtship with Lily Larimar, who are both inexperienced when it comes to dating and relationships. When Lauren agrees to chaperone the teens’ first date at her home, it soon becomes clear where the scheming redhead’s true intentions lie, as she guides the pair through their first sexual encounter – with Lauren in the middle of the action!
“Cougars & kittens are a combo as classic as burgers & fries, and just as yummy!” the studio’s showrunner 3x West boasts about the newest episode. “Lily and Maya’s bubbly yet shy innocence makes a great contrast to Lauren’s patient and nurturing presence. They all feed off each other wonderfully in their performances – both as actresses and as sex partners.”
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About Modern-Day Sins:
Modern-Day Sins is a dramatic series that gives popular, raunchy porn stories & sex a glossy, sophisticated makeover. Brought to you by the team behind studios like Pure Taboo and Girlsway, Modern-Day Sins is exclusive to members of the Adult Time streaming platform, which include many other acclaimed series and award-winning films. 
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Launched in 2018, Adult Time is a streaming service exclusively for adults. Created by award-winning filmmaker Bree Mills, who also serves as Chief Creative Officer, Adult Time is a platform built by fans who believe in a future where mature audiences can safely, securely, and proudly have a place in their lineup for premium adult content.
Dubbed the ‘Netflix of Porn’ by mainstream media outlets, Adult Time offers an extensive catalog of more than 370 channels, 62,000 episodes and 8 new releases per day from some of the most recognized studios, including Girlsway, Pure Taboo, Burning Angel, Fantasy Massage, Transfixed and Vivid Entertainment alongside exclusive original series, feature films and much more. 
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