Natalie Knight: Mile High Hottie

Super Sexy Natalie Knight stars in “Coming Of Age 6” from Erotica X. You always remember your first time. Four gorgeous young ladies recount their  first erotic experiences, as they come of sexual age. Chloe Cherry decides to
finally break the ice, and have her first sexual experience will a fellow virgin.
Mackenzie Moss’s boyfriend calls her a prude, so she decides to prove him wrong
by seducing and giving him a sexual experience he’ll never forget. Lana Sharapova
feels that she’s being extremely ignored, despite excelling in her physics
and biology classes. What she really wants is some real-life experience for
her next science project, discovering hidden secrets of human sexuality.
Natalie Knight is caught getting a little too hot and heavy with her boyfriend,
so her mother decides to have her spend a few weeks with a friend out of town
until things cool down. There she meets a young workout junkie, who just happens
to be willing to introduce her to the art of making love.  Cast: Lana Sharapova, Natalie Knight, MacKenzie Moss, Chloe Cherry.  Go to and get a copy today. Follow Mile High Media on twitter: Follow her on twitter: for more, go to:

Photos courtesy of Mile High Media

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