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Epic anal escapade is the longest video ever at
Multi-nominated adult star Paige Owens headlines’s twisted new boy/girl release, portraying a girl with a wandering eye — and a hungry asshole — who cucks her well-to-do boyfriend.
My boyfriend, Garrison Miles Phillips III, is so clingy. Always talking about his stupid family and money. . . You’d think with all this money and that long name he would be more confident. But he’s not: he’s an insecure little dick loser. And he’s really starting to piss me off.
There are some perks to dating lil Garrison, though. Tonight, I told him that me and the girls were hanging out. But actually…I’m hanging out with my friend Branden. If lil Garrison wants to be jealous so bad, I’ll give him something to be jealous about!
“This shoot with Paige is one of my favorites for many reasons,” said Owens’ co-star, DD’s Branden Richards. “Aside from the fact that Paige is an awesome person in front of and behind the camera, this is the longest release on the site at a whopping one hour and 11 minutes of filthy, dirty, hardcore sex!”
“Paige was also the very first Spiegler Girl I worked with, and working with ‘The Patron of the Tarts’ was something I had made a personal goal of when I started shooting.  And finally….Paige is AMAZING at anal. She can take a pounding, fist her asshole, and come back craving more! Her skill at anal was the first step towards transforming me from someone who LIKED doing anal to someone who LOVES doing anal. So I love this shoot, I love Paige, and you will definitely be seeing her again!”
Star Paige Owens said: “I had such a great time on set working with Branden. The set is very laid back and all about fucking, no wasting time on a bunch of pictures I’ll never see or intros about being someone’s step sister. Just all about the hardcore fucking; couldn’t ask for a better day!”
The epic “I Would Never Cheat On You Baby…” is available for streaming and download here ( ).
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