Penthouse Magazine Unveils Burlesque Star Bryona Ashly as the March 2023 Pet of the Month 

Penthouse Magazine is announcing their March 2023 Pet of the Month is model, dancer, and burlesque performer Bryona Ashly. The California native appears on the cover of Penthouse’s “Pet of the Year Issue” for March/April 2023 wearing pin-up inspired lingerie and her signature Penthouse key.



“Bryona Ashly is a tour de force to be reckoned with,” remarked Penthouse Photo Editor Sam Phillips. “Exquisitely beautiful both inside and outside, Bryona is also insanely talented beyond belief. She’s a premier burlesque entertainer who travels the world, designs and creates all her own costumes, make-up and hair looks, sets and show themes.”


With a collection of vintage clothing and accessories dated back to the 1900’s, Ashly has made a full-time career of modeling and performing in erotic burlesque shows. “I get to travel the world performing in beautiful theaters and sharing my art with new audiences every night.” The former cheerleader who previously held positions as a hostess, barista, waitress, and a nanny, says she is happiest when “on stage performing or posing behind the camera” and adds she would like to create a production of her own someday. “I see myself starting my own lingerie line and my own burlesque show,” she explains, “All while still creating amazing nude content for my fans.”


“Bryona’s smart, funny, outgoing, independent, elegant, kind and honestly one of the most interesting and intriguing women I have ever met,” Phillips added. “She was very involved in the creative process, designed her Penthouse cover outfit, and came to set with a huge array of styles of wigs to choose from. We are so honored to be a part of Bryona’s career trajectory. And I have to give huge thanks to our Pet of the Year Kenzie Anne for introducing us. It’s true what they say – Hot chicks hang with other hot chicks. Lucky for us! Bryona absolutely radiated on her retro-burlesque themed Pet of the Month shoot. Every pose she assumed was spectacular and every angle of her face was perfection.”


For the brunette beauty of Hispanic and Irish ancestry, appearing in the iconic magazine was a dream come true. “I have dreamed about being on the cover since I picked up my first issue of Penthouse Magazine,” said Ashly. “I love being naked and being nude just feels natural to me. I’m also very much a free spirit and like to do what I want, when I want.”


“Bryona Ashly brought her ‘A’ game to Penthouse,” said Penthouse VP Drew Rosenfeld. “As a model, she knows exactly who she is and what makes her so desirable. I found her to be very smart, charming and quite sexy as she posed for our cameras. Her unique ‘pin-up’ look was a lot of fun to produce, as we collaborated together. Congrats to her for being our March 2023 Pet of the Month!”


“There was magical quality about this collaboration between the Penthouse creative team and our March Pet the Month, Bryona Ashly,” said Penthouse CEO Moose. “Bryona’s pictorial depicts her love of all things vintage, and the essence of her style as a burlesque performer. It was truly a thrill to see her images come to life, and we are beyond stoked to welcome Bryona to our family of Penthouse Pets.”


Learn more about March’s Penthouse Pet of the Month, Bryona Ashly, and see her pictorial and centerfold in the March/April issue of Penthouse Magazine entitled “The Pet of the Year Issue” available at newsstands and bookstores worldwide. For more exclusive access, please visit 


For more information, please visit or contact Moose, CEO of Penthouse at [email protected]. 

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About Penthouse: Established in 1965 by Bob Guccione, the iconic magazine has been providing readers with stimulating content for over 50 years.



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