Pro-Dom Master Arch Gets Personal on Sapphire’s Earplay Podcast

Sexy Pro-Dom and financial fetishist Master Arch enjoyed an in-depth conversation on Sapphire’s Earplay podcast with host Mehgan Sapphire.

“Just when I thought I knew all there is to know about the adult industry and financial domination, Master Arch brought a surprising emotional vulnerability to the conversation and taught me both the work of a “death escort” and why transactional relationships do not just stop when the cash is received, making it clear why his clientele has stuck with him for over 20 years,” says Sapphire.


“It was a great delight to be a guest on Sapphire’s Earplay,” says Master Arch. “She made me so comfortable to be completely open about my life’s work.”


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About Master Arch:


Master Arch is and was one of the first people to monetize fetish online. His entrepreneurial spirit has helped Co create what the modern internet knows as Findom or Financial Domination, and his lifetime in sex work has helped inspire many to leave the workforce and pursue their dreams of being in the online adult arena.


His Expertise lies in working with sub groups within the fetish world. The emotional Masochists, the true financial fetishists and money slaves, and people that have fetishes that tend to go a little “darker”. His place of non judgement has allowed those groups to be so candid with him, the real experience of working with him within that framework is mind bending and blowing.

Most people have a kinky side to them in some sense, and Master Arch is a MASTER at providing the playground to explore that, judgement free and open to exploring, and sometimes having the difficult discussion around where this comes from and facing the shame head on that pleasure may come from that.


Master Arch’s sex work is unconventional compared to a Dominatrix, Escort, or Cam worker, but he has experience, and takes influence, based on many years real life experience in all these fields, excessively.

He may come off as intense, brash or arrogant, definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, but he means well and his knowledge and experience are invaluable to anyone wanting to talk to a lifetime sex worker/provider, fetish worker




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