Roxie Rae Releases New Updates to Her Network


There’s no denying that Roxie Rae is one of the hardest working performers and content providers in the industry. She’s constantly uploading new and exciting clips for her fans’ viewing pleasure. This week features five new clips, including two starring Roxie, as well as featuring Macy Cartel, Natasha Ty, Nika Venom, and Dava Foxx.

First, two clips await you on Roxie Rae Fetish, starring Roxie in a sexy solo scene. Roxie has the cure for wait ails you, as she’s dressed in her sexy nurse outfit. Her JOI and encouragement will give you all you need to release some of your pain. Also available on Roxie Rae Fetish is a small penis humiliation with Nika. She would feel sorry for your small dick, but it’s so ridiculous, she can’t help but mock you. You can try to stroke it, but Nika won’t let you cum for her.

Natasha is your naughty teacher on The Foot Fantasy. She notices you can’t concentrate in her class, but when she tries to help, all you can do is stare at her feet. Those pantyhose get you hard, so maybe if you get some release, you’ll pay attention in class. But, only if you pay attention to her instructions first.

You’ll get a real kick out of Dava’s scene on Karate Domination. Dava’s working hard, but she notices all you do is stare at her legs. So, she decides to put you in your place with a kicks and knees to the face. You would think the first time you fall down would be enough, but you’ll keep coming back for more, as Dava continues to keep kicking you into submission.

And, finally, we see Roxie and Macy on Best Wedgies. This is your chance to tell Roxie and Macy what you really like – hot blondes giving each other wedgies. Obviously, Roxie and Macy already know, and they are more than happy to oblige with their specific JOI. You’ll won’t be able to look away with all the mutual front and back wedgies, as well as lots of panty slapping to give you satisfaction.

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