Sex Educator Tami Rose Examines the Rise of the Gender-Neutral Sex Toy

When it comes to adult novelties, Tami Rose, resident sex expert and owner of Mississippi-based Romantic Adventures, says that these days anything goes, as toymakers blur the lines between men’s and women’s pleasure products.
“I figured out early on when trying to order and categorize toys there is no such thing as a gay toy or a straight toy.  The only difference in gay or straight sex is the view of the person having it,” said Rose. “If it brings someone pleasure, then it belongs in my store.”
She added that these days gender-neutral packaging is much more the norm than not, and that a lot of the value of merchandising comes in the displays and product placement. “The toy manufacturers have responded to the fact that just clean packaging featuring the toy and its benefits or features sells best, so this is a trend in the industry that is not going away.”
“At Romantic Adventures, we always try to present things in a gender-neutral way with no judgment on how someone wants to use them when they get home. We just explain how things work, make sure they have the right batteries and usually explain how to sanitize the material after use.”
Rose noted that she’s seen every type of person buy every type of toy – strap-ons for married couples to use on each other, anal toys for straight men’s prostate and lots of bullet vibes to lesbians. The worst sellers? “Celebrity or porn star-endorsed toys, because you have to wait for a fan to walk in… it narrows the market way too much.’
Whether men’s toys, women’s toys, non-binary toys… Rose says it ultimately doesn’t matter: “The only thing that needs to evolve is our mindset, because pleasure is timeless.”
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