Siri Dahl Visits ‘The Deep’ Podcast

 Siri Dahl paid a visit to Zoe Marshall this past week to discuss her illustrious eight-year career in The Porn Star, the latest episode of The Deep podcast.
The popular adult performer, formerly known as Siri, is back from retirement and happy to be back on set – and her fan base is delighted to see her again in both studio productions as well as her own exclusive content on her official websites and
Part of what I love about working in adult film is that I have a… very potent avenue to use to spread joy,” explains Dahl on the podcast.
Of the business, she says that Another common denominator with most people who do porn is that a lot of us are horndogs and were just very attracted to a wide range of people and there are not a lot of ways to satisfy that.”
She adds that when no one is watching, I am kind of a creative goofball… I pretty openly share my personality on all these public channels that I have access to, but I think the real me is a lover… at my core I have always been a joyous person.”
Dahl is a bit of a pro when it comes to interviewing – and being interviewed – herself, as she has her own podcast, After Adult, where she welcomes activists, advocates and fellow performers to talk about their own experiences within the business.
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