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Slim Thick Vic’s road to stardom is definitely the road less traveled. Growing up in a cult, she was not sexually active until much later then most performers in the industry today. Credit Mark Spiegler with not only launching her career, but carefully guiding her thru the sometimes murky waters known as the Adult Entertainment industry. Today she is easily one of the top performers requested by major Production companies like, who recently released a multiple part feature showcasing the star. At this point, she knows what she wants from the industry, what she doesn’t, what types of scenes she wants to progress into, and what awards she’d like to possibly be nominated for, much less win.


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SW: Sherman Way

STV: Slim Thick Vic



SW: When you shoot or other platforms like that, do you have a preference to shooting your own stuff, like your OnlyFans or do you still like shooting with companies and stuff? Is there a difference to you?

STV: I mean, there’s definitely a difference. I like the variety. It’s nice to just sort of show up and participate versus have to direct and everything. But I like both.

SW: Your global brand, is that Vic Marie Inc. or is that something different?

STV: It’s a little tricky. And I don’t even know if I’ve completely figured it out in my own head. But yeah, Vic Marie is sort of the more safe for work name brand. It just so happens that a company that I was working for didn’t want to use Slim Thick Vic. So they requested a different name. And I was sort of on the spot standing right in front of them and had to sort of come up with a name right there. So that’s how I gave them Vic Marie and Vic Marie has now transformed into another stage name of mine. So I kind of use it as a more safer work name and Slim Thick Vic is definitely what I use for most of my porn.

SW: Is there a separate website for Vic Marie or is it all just under one umbrella?

STV: No. It’s literally just one company that uses BigQuery on their site. And so technically, I have two names because of that.

SW: And did you just start another Instagram account? What is it? Vic exclusive?

STV: Vic Exclusive is more where I have my Linktree because Instagram is very picky about having links. So to try and be safe, I have a separate account where I have my Linktree. I try and play it pretty safe as much as I can, follow all the rules.

SW: Do you find that you have completely different fans on Twitter as opposed to Instagram?

STV: Yeah, I I’d say so. When I first got into porn, I had been on Instagram for many years. So I already had a decent following on Instagram. I had not been on Twitter. So when I got into porn is when I started my Twitter. And so Twitter is really all my porn work and porn fans, I’d say, versus people on Instagram, I have noticed that since I’ve started doing porn, but they were there. Some of them were there before.

SW: Do you find people on Twitter expect more nudity than Instagram?

STV: Yes, Especially because I retweet all my scenes and things. So they’re used to seeing everything. So yeah, they definitely expect I can’t post the same things on Instagram and it do as well on Twitter.

SW: Do you have an OnlyFans?

STV: I was doing OnlyFans before I got into porn. I’ve been doing it for quite a few years, but I was looking for a way to help grow it, to just grow my fan base in general. And that’s sort of what steered me into porn.

SW: How did you find out about Onlyfans? Did you know what it was?

STV: My entryway into the sex world was nude modeling. And I was working with photographers from Instagram. And this was before OnlyFans. Patreon had just come out. And it was a way to just sell my professional nudes. And then OnlyFans came out. And I was aware just because I was very active on Instagram. Yeah, so that’s how I was aware of it.

SW: What is your handle for OnlyFans and all that?

STV: SlimThickVic, no space or /SlimThickVic. no space, no underscore.

SW: Do you shoot anything specifically for that that you maybe don’t do for companies?

STV: I wouldn’t say there’s anything that I do exclusively for my OnlyFans that I don’t do for companies. But I would say, it’s more of the type of scenes that I genuinely like to do more.

So I might shoot something for a company that I wouldn’t necessarily choose to do for my own site. So I guess it’s just more of what I like.

SW: And when it comes for you to creating content for OnlyFans, do you shoot stuff that you want to see or stuff you think will sell?

STV: Both, for sure. For instance, I’ve just started doing anal and I can’t say it’s my very favorite thing, but I know it sells well and I want to grow personally and in my business. So I do shoot it here and there for my OnlyFans and professionally. It’s a little bit of both, but I also have a line where you know, there’s just things I’m definitely not into and I wouldn’t do it, or the price would have to be so high, I wouldn’t  get it.

SW: How long have you been in the business?

STV: Almost two years. It’ll be two years in October.

SW: And you’ve blown up, like blown up, blown up. What do you attribute that to?

STV: Yeah. My agent, I would say, probably the biggest factor. Because I know there’s a lot of other beautiful women that haven’t had the same opportunities. They’re in the industry, but haven’t been able to get as much work or don’t live in LA or their agent just isn’t very good because there’s lots of those. So probably my agent is the biggest factor. And then I have a really good attitude and I show up to set and I always do my best. And yes, I don’t let personal feelings or anything get in the way.

SW: You decide to get in the business. Do you immediately want to be repped by Mark? Or is there a process for that?

STV: Before I got in the business, I did quite a lot of research, mostly on YouTube actually, because that’s where I was searching, like just questions I had about the porn industry, YouTube videos would come up. And his name came up the most as by far the best agent in the industry. So I told myself that I was going to ask if he would represent me. And if he said no, then I just wasn’t going to do porn. And thankfully he said yes.

SW: You meet Mark. Other than seeing him in a video, what’s the real person like?


STV: Similar, he has a very like, don’t give a shit attitude, which I like. I think a lot of people appreciate that because he says what he’s going to do and he’s not going to beat around the bush. He’s going to give it to you straight up. I think that’s why he’s known as the best in the industry. And I didn’t really know much about him before I met him other than that he was really good. And the first time I met him, I flew to LA to work for six weeks and I lived with him during that time. So I met him and started living with him for six weeks while I worked here in LA, because I was in Florida at the time.  He’s a very easygoing guy. And yeah, it was great to stay with him. And I very much appreciated him letting me stay with him.

SW: You mentioned you just started doing anal after like, two years in the business. Was that a business decision? Is that something you consciously knew?

STV: Yeah, it was a decision for sure. Spiegler had always told me, I want you to be open to it. I know in the past he’s told people, like, I’m not going to take you if you are not doing it. And I think he’s a lot more lax on that now, but he still wants people to be open to it, he does know it just helps you grow that much more the more you’re willing to do. So it was definitely a business decision. And I felt ready after, you know, almost two years in the industry.

SW: You did this Googling and stuff. Did you come in with almost a business plan? Did you know you wanted to establish a brand and you wanted to do all this coming in, or did you just kind of learn as you went along?

STV: Because I had been on Instagram for a long time, I had sort of been working on a brand, if you will. And that was the incentive to get into porn. But I’ve definitely seen so much more in the last two years, have a lot more knowledge and experienced so much more. It’s definitely like, expanded my vision, but it’s very similar. It’s all about growing, expanding my brand and trying to get as big as I can.

SW: How did you come up with your stage name?

STV: It was my Instagram handle. And I’ve been on Instagram for like probably seven years now. So I was known as Slim Thick Vic on Instagram before I got into porn. And if you Googled me before I got into porn, Slim Thick Vic, I came up. People had made YouTube videos about me, just like little clips from my lives or whatever. So I kind of wanted to hang on to that because at the time, it didn’t make sense to leave that all behind. I think I could have probably started fresh and the same things would have followed me. But I don’t know. I decided to keep it. And Victoria is my real name. So Vic is a shortened version. Slim Thick kind of rhymes with Vic, and Slim Thick kind of describes my body. So that’s how I chose my handle and I decided to keep it while I was in porn.

SW: Had you had any preconceived notions about the adult industry before you got in it?

STV: Yes, I did. I was a stripper for a period of time, and everything I heard about the adult industry was bad things. I had never really heard any good things. So I was not particularly interested in the industry. And I don’t quite remember what I came across. I think I had come across a YouTube video that sort of piqued my interest and showed me a different version of the industry than I had been told. But yes, my preconceived views of the industry were not good. Probably the worst you could think of. Especially an industry that’s like, a little risque, people tend to just talk about the worst parts versus the best parts.

Come with me ???????

SW: For you, being in the business for two years now, what’s the reality of this business versus what people tried to tell you it is, or what you’ve seen?

STV: I think it’s sort of what you make of it. And I think there’s good and bad parts for sure. And it’s very much like who you put in control. So if I had gone with just any old agent, who knows what my experience had been. But I sought out, you know, the person I felt like was the best. And therefore, I’ve really only had good experiences. And I really like it. I think the community itself is tight knit and sticks up for each other. And it’s fun. I enjoy this, AVN was my first convention. That was really cool to see so many people, everyone in the industry, like in one space. So yeah, my view is positive and I really have only good things to say. SW: When you started your OnlyFans, were you doing nude modeling at that point?

STV: Yeah. I was mainly selling nudes on there, and then I very slowly started making my own little sex tapes. But that was quite a bit later, closer to when I actually got into porn.

SW: And you get into porn, you’re getting ready to do your first mainstream porn scene. I’m guessing it’s a boy girl. And for sake of discussion, we’ll call the guy Johnny. You go to set and hi, I’m Johnny. I’ll be “working” with you today. Does that turn you on? Does it make you nervous? STV: I was very nervous. I had watched every YouTube video I could of people in the industry talking about how it is on set and how things progress and everything. So I came, you know, knowing more or less how things worked. But I was definitely nervous. My first scene, I think you could really see it on my face. The nervousness.

SW: Were you nervous with the sex or nervous with the dialogue or?

STV: Just in general, I think this was actually the first time I had had people watching me have sex. So that was a different feeling. And just being self-conscious of like, you know, how I’m acting and the way I’m looking at the camera, just everything like was very new to me. I had only really done like POV style. So it was all very new. And you could tell I was nervous. It feels very normal to me now. So I almost don’t even pay any attention. I’m more zoned in on just what I’m doing and the people that I’m working with in the scene.

SW: So now, does it turn you on knowing people watch you having sex? STV: Yeah, it does. And even then, I remember thinking like, even though I was nervous, I thought it was kind of cool. But yeah, it does.

SW: And for you, a good scene. Is it good sex or is it a good performance,  or are you just giving the camera exactly what it needs and moaning when you’re supposed to moan and opening up for camera and doing all that?

STV: I mean, it’s a combination of both. Definitely the sex you have off camera is not the same as the sex on camera, but that doesn’t mean the sex on camera isn’t good. You can’t quite turn off your thinking brain when you’re on set because you have to, you have to be more calculated. So it’s definitely both and your scene partner and the director. Everyone has a part in how that goes and how good it is. But yeah, it can be really good even though you are acting in some aspects and you are having to open up and all that. Sometimes you know certain position is like a little uncomfortable. Sometimes you’re on a hard kitchen counter and it’s not ideal, but you know it’s still fun.

SW: And for you, for branding purposes and for Onlyfans purposes, do you think people come for your personality or to watch you get boned? STV: When it comes to I think with porn, the majority is what you actually and physically look like coupled with how you perform.

Personality, I don’t know if that, like with porn specifically, you’re not showing your personality too much unless you’re doing lots of interviews, which isn’t actually you know, tied with a scene. So I would say it’s more about how you perform and your look, sort of like an actress, you know a regular mainstream actress. But I know like for people that do like Twitch streaming and these other platforms, they are probably getting people more based on their personality versus someone just doing porn.

SW: Do you do custom work?

STV: I do.

SW: Craziest request you got for a custom.

STV: There’s a couple. One off the top of my head, this person has a spit slash saliva fetish. And they wanted me to spit/ lick all over my arms and smell it and describe to them how it smelled.

SW: You’ve been in the business two years. Do you think you’ve established yourself an adult now?

STV: It’s hard for me to know what established means. I think I’ve definitely made a name for myself in the industry. I’m known because when I go to set or whatever and I meet someone new, they’re like, ” Oh, I’ve heard good things about you. ” And I’m like, “Okay. ” So people are saying good things about me in the industry, which is good. But established, I don’t know, I guess so. I think there’s obviously plenty more to go and accomplish. But yeah, I would say, you know, even just at AVN, I was surprised that there were fans that were there and recognized me. I wasn’t sure. I had never met a fan in person, so I wasn’t sure if anyone would recognize me yet.

SW: Before you got into business, had you taken naughty pictures of yourself, maybe sent them to your boyfriends, or did you just start doing nude modeling?

STV: No, I had lived a very PG life before I got into sex work. I actually grew up in a cult. So I was a very good girl up until I got into sex work. And I didn’t really get into sex work until mid to late 20s. Maybe I was 25. So it wasn’t like when I was 18 or 21. You know It’s a little later.

SW: Getting into sex work, was it a rebellion type of thing for you, or because you had such a quiet PG life the whole way up to it?

STV: I wouldn’t say rebellion. It was more like, exploration because I felt like I was so constricted in growing up. I didn’t have the freedom to explore and see what different things were like. And I can’t say the money wasn’t a driving force in my decision either. I mean, it was. But it was all coupled together, just wanting to experience something. And I kind of had this fear of being 90 years old or on my deathbed and feeling like I hadn’t ventured out of my little shell. And so here I am.

SW: When you start modeling, then did you do it for the money or for the attention?

STV: Probably the attention. I wasn’t really getting paid that much. And I was trying to grow my Instagram. And I don’t know. I was intrigued with the idea of, just feeling comfortable and sexy in my body. And yeah, so it was like, I think an adrenaline rush and exhilarating.

SW: For you, with modeling, do you have that famous story where you’re walking on the street and someone says, you could be a model?

STV: I mean, not one story, but I’ve definitely had people pay me compliments. I’m not the height of a typical model. I’m on the shorter side.

But thankfully, in today’s world, besides runway modeling, you can kind of be whatever height, size you want. But yeah, just as a kid, growing up very sheltered, I always, like in the back of my head, I wanted that attention and I wanted stardom. And so it was a fantasy of mine, for sure.

SW: Where are you from originally?  STV: I was born in Sacramento. But I moved all over. Before I moved to LA, I was in Fort Lauderdale.

SW: And your parents were part of a cult or something? How did you know what that was? Like how does that come up?

STV: I was born into a cult. My parents were part of it. There still are. And I didn’t leave till I was 21, so I still lived with my parents up until I was 21.

SW: Was that by choice or because of your parents?

STV: I mean, it was partly by choice, but I had been so sheltered that I didn’t feel very confident to just go out on my own and make a living for myself and survive. The last straw was taken and I had to leave. I moved in with my sister, who is really an awesome person. And that’s how I kind of started out on my own.

SW: The cult thing, was it one of these cults where they live in the middle of the woods in the middle of nowhere or was it like in the suburbs and it was suburbanites?

STV: There’s like the center hub, which is sort of in the middle of nowhere in the woods. And then there are people that still participate, but don’t necessarily live at the center. My parents lived at the center up until I was 10 years old, and then they decided to move and do other things, but they still participated. So followed all the rules and participated in the things.

Own the room you’re in ??
@slimthick_vic for #Deeper

SW: And I think you mentioned it, but was there something specific that caused you to move in with your sister? Did something happen or something you saw?

STV: Yeah, actually. I was 21 at the time. And I started talking to a boy online. And we were kind of sexting a little bit. And my mom found well, she didn’t find it. She kind of was snooping. I think she was using my computer for some reason, and she saw our messages. She got really mad at me. And I realized at 21, it was never going to end, like these overbearing rules that she imposed on me. It was never going to end. I was just going like, if I was going to live my life, I was going to  have to leave and figure it out myself. So that was the reason.

SW: Was the educational system {of the cult} similar to normal school system? You go to first to eighth grade, and then you got four years of high school?

STV: I had normal schooling. Most of it was done online. High school, most of it was online. I did do a year of college. But you know, even though I went to a regular college, I was living at home and I just hadn’t had much social interaction like in high school. It was very awkward and it was very hard for me to make friends. So I still was just pretty much by myself.

SW: In grade school, do you have a favorite subject?

STV: Yes, I actually really liked writing.  creative writing. I think that was my favorite. I liked to write stories when I was young.

SW: I know you were really young at that point, did you have any idea what you wanted to do with the rest of your life ?

STV: Throughout my younger years, it changed a lot. But at one point, I wanted to be an actress. I actually went to, for one year, I went to a performing arts high school. And I did participate in a lot of plays growing up and theater. I enjoyed acting a lot. And then I wanted to be a singer for a while, but I was only allowed to sing like classical opera type music. So that wasn’t too appealing to me. it changed throughout the years.


SW: And a lot of that stuff, did you do that stuff for the attention, or did you genuinely like being on the stage and becoming another character and all that?

STV: Both. I liked the attention and I liked being on stage. I liked the freedom. It allowed me to act in different ways and sort of break out of my shell and not have to be so rigid.

SW: Do you remember the first time you saw something adult related, a magazine, a movie?

STV: Honestly, I don’t know if I remember any one specific time because I lived so sheltered. It was probably like an ad popped up or something on a website, maybe in high school.

SW: When you were texting with the boy. Were you sending photos or just texting words?

STV: Just texting words. He was also a guy that had grown up in my cult. So I felt, you know, sort of connected to him. And yeah.

SW: Was it taboo that a male and a female in a cult were talking sexy?

STV: Oh, yeah. I mean, most of the kids my age that grew up in the cult didn’t participate past the age where we were forced to. So once we became like young adults, we didn’t participate or really claim the cult. So it was more about parents, my parents. He was, you know, 22 or something, you know, off on his own, doing his own thing. But my parents, because I still lived under their roof and they were supporting me, I had to live under their rules, and that’s not what they deemed appropriate or whatever.

SW: Did your parents ever have the birds and the bees discussion with you or any type of  discussion about sex? STV: My mom did, very, very basic. And I was so incredibly uncomfortable and embarrassed that I kind of just told her, like, don’t worry about it. I already know, it felt very awkward to me because of how sort of prudish she was. Like I didn’t want to talk to her  about it.

SW: So then you pretty much had zero sexual experience up to 21, correct? STV: Yeah.

SW: And then you hit 21, do you go crazy? Do you have a lot of sex or do you work into it?

STV: No, I ended up meeting a guy who I really should have never given the light of day. But, because I had been so sheltered, like any attention felt amazing and was very foreign. So I dated a guy for like two years when I was 21. And then I finally broke up with him. But before I got into porn, I probably had sex with maybe five people. I didn’t go crazy.

SW: So the first time you go all the way, do you wait before you do it again?

STV: So when I had sex for the first time, it was with the guy I ended up dating for two years. And then the next person I had sex with, I ended up dating him as well. So I wasn’t interested in having casual sex, I guess you could say.

SW: Prior to going all the way, had you masturbated, given handjobs or BJs or anything, or was it straight into sex?

STV: Straight into sex. I hadn’t done anything else.

SW: Do you remember the first time you gave someone a BJ? Was that in porn?

STV: No, I had given blowjobs before porn. I was 21, the first person I had sex with.

Business in the front, party in the back.

SW: Did you know what that was? Did you understand when he wanted you to put this thing in your mouth?

STV: Yeah, no, I knew more or less. I mean, I had watched not porn, but like more like R-rated videos. So I knew what that was and I had friends. Like I knew what blowjobs were and how to give one more or less. I just didn’t know like, every detail.

SW: And you mentioned you had sex with five people. Had you done just maybe BJs in between? Was it just strictly sex with the person, maybe a BJ, and then you had a new partner?

STV: I dated two people. And then when I broke up with the second person, I more casually explored. I was also stripping during that time, I was already in the sex world.

SW: How did you get into stripping? STV: Through nude modeling. I owned a spa and I had been doing eyelash extensions, actually. And I was just tired of working. I wouldn’t say an average, nine to five. So I always told myself if I had the opportunity, I would give it a try at a strip club and had the opportunity and I gave it a try.

SW: Full nude? Is it topless?

STV: Full nude.

SW: And once again, was that strictly for the money or did you enjoy the attention in that too?

STV: Both. I mean, if it wasn’t for the money, I wouldn’t have had any reason to do it and I wouldn’t have pushed myself to do it because it was very uncomfortable. And I mean, the reality of working in a strip club is not particularly pleasant dealing with drunk people every night. But there plenty of other things I could have done. So it was both.

SW: Did you do lap dances? Like them, not like them? Some people say that when you do them, women have a sense of power over their men. Is that true?

STV: Yes. it very much depends on the club because clubs have different rules. Some clubs let customers get away with more. So if they’re allowed to grope you, that doesn’t feel very empowering. So as long as you, the dancer, feel sort of protected, then yeah, it does. And you know I enjoyed my time stripping. It was enjoyable. I very much grew up during that time.

SW: So when you finally start nude modeling, is it uncomfortable for you to physically strip? Because you mentioned how uncomfortable the sex discussions are with your mom. Was it  weird when you start stripping for the camera or is it just normal at that point? STV: No, because when I had that discussion, I was 10 years old. And I was 25 when I started nude modeling. So a lot of time had passed and I was mature. Plus, I wasn’t getting naked in front of just anyone. These are people that are very used to seeing naked women, you feel more comfortable.

SW: When you start having more and more sex, do you find yourself enjoying it more?

STV: No, I definitely enjoyed it before I was in porn.

SW: Do you like having sex in public? I wouldn’t say public. I sometimes enjoy having an audience, but I wouldn’t say I enjoy it in public.

SW: For you as a woman, what is it that gets you going when it comes to sex? Do you like your neck nibbled? Maybe your boobs played with, your vagina played to it?

STV: Foreplay, but specifically my neck and ears are very sensitive. And I think like light touching is. like the slow buildup. It’s definitely makes everything more enjoyable.

SW: And are you comfortable with either someone going down on you or you giving someone a BJ and then that’s the end of it, or does it always have to go all the way in sex?

SW:No, I don’t think I feel like it always has to go into sex. And I definitely have plenty of encounters where it’s not always sex. I’ve just given people blow jobs too. And yeah, doesn’t always have to be sex.

SW: Have you ever used your sexual abilities to get something you wanted? STV: Absolutely. Absolutely. I think men can do it too, but it’s often easier for women. It’s a great thing that women can use to their advantage. Absolutely.

SW:Do you think when it comes to sex that it’s more psychological than it is physical, good sex?

STV: Yes. it depends on the person for me. Probably 40, 60, so 60% psychological. But it’s like very hand-in-hand, so it could easily be 50/50.

SW: Do you like rough sex?

STV: Yes, but not with just anyone. It’s more of a buildup. So if it gets to a point where things get rougher, it could very well, but it may not ever, you know. I wouldn’t start off like super rough.

SW: Would you consider yourself to be dominant or submissive?

STV: More often than not submissive, but I can do both. I prefer submissive, but I can easily do both and enjoy doing both.

SW: Do you enjoy working with women?

STV: Yes, I do.

SW: Do you have a look for you?

STV: Honestly, most importantly, as a woman that likes other women, I like curves. I like titties and ass.

SW: Your journey through the sex industry so far, has there been anything that’s really surprised you about it? Maybe you pushed yourself in directions you didn’t think you would or I don’t know.

STV: I don’t know if there’s been one thing that surprised me. I think I’m impressed with the community. I wasn’t expecting there to be quite such a like I wouldn’t say tight knit, but you know, kind of, it’s a nice community within the porn environment.

SW: Anything coming up for you at the end of the year, we’re pretty much two thirds of the way through it now. So any big projects? Anything?

STV: I shot my first four anal scenes for Brazers. And I have a couple more anal scenes coming up. That was, I think, my biggest 2023 accomplishment. I’m going to be doing my first boy girl,  girl anal. And I think as of right now, there is talk of doing my first gang bang coming up, but it’s not official yet. So I don’t know when that will be released or even shot. I think my first anals has been my biggest accomplishment.

SW: The gang bang, is that 10 guys, 15 guys,

STV: Five guys.

SW: Did you your self personally want that many people?

STV: I don’t think it would be totally up to me the amount of people. I think 15 would be way too many. 10 I think would even be way too many. I don’t think I’ll be doing DP or anything. So there’s only so many things I can entertain at once. I would say like five to six.

SW: Award seasons is right around the corner. Do you pay any attention to that to awards?

STV: I do. I can’t say, Spiegler’s even had to explain a lot to me because it wasn’t like this last year, I didn’t know that I was supposed to pre-nominate my scenes that I thought were really good. So I didn’t do it because I didn’t know I was supposed to. So I do pay attention now. And I will obviously learn more as I continue on in my career and hopefully win some.

SW: And would you like it to be for a specific scene or specific act?

STV: Honestly, it wouldn’t particularly matter as long as I did win an award for being a part of a scene. I would prefer if you know, it was more focused on my performance rather than a group because it just doesn’t feel like you played as big of a role if it’s a big scene, but it wouldn’t really matter as far as, if it was for an acting scene.

SW: You started on Instagram and stuff. Is being in Adult a stepping stone for you, or is this an industry you want to stay in for a while?

STV: I’ve never been one to foresee my future. I mean, I never would have foreseen I would be in porn. So I can’t say, but I definitely want to accomplish a lot. And I don’t see myself leaving before I accomplish what I would like to accomplish.

SW: Your parents, the cult, do they know you’re in this industry? What are their thoughts on that?

STV: No, my parents do not know. And I’m hoping they never find out because my mom would probably have a heart attack.

SW: Parents aside, would the cult be surprised, is it something, like is sex frowned upon? Is sex just supposed to be between a husband and wife and nobody else and all that?

SW: Yeah. My mom would feel so much shame, especially if other members knew. It would be, there’s no one that I know of that was part of the cult or born into it or anything that went quite as far in my direction as I have. So it would be bad.

What are you socials:


SW: Anything you want to say to all of your fans?

STV: Just thank you for supporting me and watching me come up and being there through the ups and downs. I don’t think there’s been many downs, but more ups. And I look forward to accomplishing a lot more in the industry and yeah.

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