Ready for some football? MYLF Scores A Touchdown: Slimthick Vic Crowned as August MYLF of the Month

MYLF proudly presents Slimthick Vic as their August MYLF of the Month! With her undeniable charm and captivating performances, Vic has solidified her position as a beloved star within the adult industry, making her an exceptional choice for this esteemed title.


In her MYLF of the Month scene titled “Too Slim Thick To Quit,” The blonde goddess engages viewers with a raunchy interview that gives a glimpse into her life and experiences– both personal and sexual, giving fans a chance to connect with the woman behind the screen.

“I’m not a mom in real life and I don’t consider myself a motherly figure,” bombshell explains. “It was new for me to play that kind of role, but I’ve gotten accustomed to it and now I like it. I think it’s even become a fetish of mine to play the role of a stepmom or a step-aunt.”

The interview concludes and takes an interesting turn when we enter the world of fantasy football. Vic shows off her “Too Slim Thick to Quit” fantasy football trophy and is cheered on by Taco (Logan Xander). Taco taught Vic everything she knows about how to win at this game, but he claims next year will be his victory. Vic likes a challenge, and soon enough she’s climbing on to Taco’s lap and ready to flaunt why she will alway be the queen of football and seduction!

Join as a premium member today and stay tuned for the premiere of Slimthick Vic’s starring role in upcoming MYLF feature “The Draft II.” After the successful release of “The Draft” last year, MYLF is bringing the concept back with a fresh new cast. The release format for this movie will be different from previous MYLF movies. The full movie will premiere to premium members only on August 4, then be broken down into 3 parts across MYLF brands for all members to enjoy!

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