The SDR Show Plays Two Truths and a Lie with Luv n Laughs Podcast Host Alana Luv

The SDR Show hosted by comedian Big Jay Oakerson and radio personality Ralph Sutton enjoyed a rousing game of Two Truths and a Lie with guests Tim Butterly and Mike Rainey of the Dad Meat Podcast and adult star and the host of the Luv n Laughs podcast, Alana Luv, who was the subject of all of the truths and lies.


“To quote Thin Lizzy, the boys are back in town! Or at least in the studio. And if we are going back to the studio, we needed to do it right,” said Ralph Sutton. “So, we brought in the Philly based Dad Meat Podcast to play Two Truths and a Lie with the beautiful Alana Luv, and the winner got to motorboat her lovely naked butt cheeks! It’s a really fun and hilarious episode of The SDR Show and the episode is now out for your viewing pleasure!”


“It was wonderful to be back on The SDR Show, I think it was my fifth appearance so that makes me part of the gang,” said Alana Luv. “Thanks for your continued support SDR and thanks for promoting my own new podcast Luv n Laughs.”


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