TransAngels, the industry’s leading TS adult entertainment brand is proud to announce that they’ve just signed an exclusive deal with Emma Rose, one of the industry’s most enticing new talents.

Nominated for Best New Face at the 2020 Tea Awards, Emma Rose is a performer to watch. TransAngels acted quickly to secure content with the budding flower.

“Ever since my first shoot with TransAngels, I fell in love with the environment because there’s always so much going on” says Emma Rose. “Being an exclusive is an absolute dream come true to me because I’ve always wanted to be a star in my own special way and now that chance is finally here.”

Eager to shoot the rising star, TransAngels producers can barely contain their excitement. Production Director Ryan Cash is thrilled Emma Rose accepted the offer. “Ever since she stepped foot on set with us, we knew she was going to quickly rise to the top.”

Blown away by her talent, Cash counts himself lucky to have the world discover “her sense of humor, her dedication, her talent, and her sweetness.” Fans tuning in will fall in love with Emma Rose once they see her beauty, smile and laughter.

Head over to TransAngels to check out Emma Rose.


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