Unraveling the Orgasm Gap: It’s Not Her, It’s You – And Beducated Explains Why

Beducated (Beducated.com) spotlights the so-called ‘orgasm gap’ between men and women in a new Beducated Magazine article, “Orgasm Gap: Men are Doing it Wrong. Women Don’t Know How to Tell Them”.
The popular online sex education resource refers to its recent customer survey that reveals the disparity found between men and women during partnered sex disappears during masturbation, and sheds light on why, after 60 years of research, the orgasm gap still persists. “Women know what they need to climax,” says Julia Svirid, Beducated’s In-House Sex Coach. “That might be exactly what we’re getting wrong with the orgasm gap; calling it a ‘gap’ is like saying there is a lack of orgasms. But the orgasms are there.”
The survey calculations report that men are almost twice as likely to orgasm regularly during straight sex than women (85% vs. 46%), but when it comes to masturbation, the orgasm gap disappears (86% vs. 88%). Women also admit to faking orgasms three times more often than men (23% vs. 58%) for fear of “hurting my partner’s feelings” (23%), “I’m tired and want to end sex” (14%) and “I feel pressured to orgasm every time because of society’s and/or my partner’s expectations (13%).
“The common theme here is lack of communication,” explains Svirid. “Thanks to porn, Hollywood and a lack of pleasure-based sex education, sex is constantly equated with penetration,” as most women report needing more than just penetration during intercourse to reach orgasm.
“Sexual communication skills come with pleasure-based sex education, which most of us don’t have access to,” notes Svirid, as survey respondents backed her claims saying they learned about avoiding unwanted pregnancies (62%) and how to avoid STIs (58%), while a mere 3% of respondents stated that their sex-ed curriculum touched on sexual pleasure.
“Pleasure empowers us to explore our likes, dislikes and boundaries so we can communicate those with our partners with confidence,” explains Beducated CEO Mariah Freya. “Our sex life is dynamic; it goes through different stages as our environment, relationship to ourselves and others, and physical health change throughout our lives. I call this a sexual lifecycle. That’s why sex education should be treated as a life-long learning process, not a one-off class we take as teenagers.”

To read the Beducated Magazine article in full, go to Beducated.com/mag/orgasm-gap-what-we-get-wrong.

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