Legendary Director Vic Lagina Tells Lisa Ann His Tell-All Filthy is the Book for Men Who Want to do Porn

On a new interview on The Lisa Ann Experience, legendary adult industry producer Vic Lagina said his hot, new tell-all Filthy: The Rise and (Pending) Death of Vic Lagina is the perfect book read for learning about what it’s really like to be in the adult industry and if you are up for the challenge of being a porn star.

Lisa Ann who has worked with Vic  several times before her own retirement, praised the memoir for it’s wild stories and wise words, telling him she has met countless men who think they have what it takes to have sex for entertainment to which he held up his book and said, “Everything you need to know is in my book.”


This is especially true in regards to his, “Vic Lagina’s School ot Porn Lesson,”  chapters covering hygiene, pop shots, when she’s on her period and so you want to be a porn star do ya and much more.


“Filthy is a hilariously disgusting tale of how the porn sausage is made,” says Vic. “You may need to shower afterwards.”


You may enjoy the Vic Lagina episode of The Lisa Ann Experience here on YouTube https://youtu.be/EFjxPPA0F1U?si=j0mSUL4nsQtHctu2 and in all major podcast providers.


For more information on Vic Lagina’s book, Filthy: The Rise ans (Pending) Death of Vic Lagina on www.viclagina.com and you may purchase on Amazon here https://www.amazon.com/Filthy-Rise-Pending-Death-Lagina/dp/B0CKKQC8V1


Vic Lagina will be in New York City from Wednesday, November 15 through Friday, November 17 and available for media interviews by contacting [email protected]


You may follow Vic Lagina on Twitter at https://twitter.com/VicLagina and on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/viclagina/


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About Vic Lagina:


Vic was a producer, director, and camera operator for Brazzers/Mindgeek from 2004-2020. He produced 3792 scenes during his career for Brazzers, Mofos, Babes, Wicked, and Digital Playground and others. Live productions featuring top stars such as Nikki Benz, Phoenix Marie, and Shyla Stylez, among several others, were under his supervision. In 16 years, he shot over 1500 performers, at times producing or directing 25-35 scenes a month with multiple crews.


How did a nice Jewish boy from the suburbs of Philadelphia with two loving parents take the unconventional path and help build the largest porn company in the world?  Bad decisions, usually involving beautiful women.


He grew up an awkward kid with huge feet, big lips, crooked teeth, and was the only Jew in his class. It wasn’t easy, so his escape was TV, music, video games, and movies. He loved movies.   His mother died at the age of 44 when he was 15. It proved to be a critical time for an awkward boy becoming a man trying to forge relationships with women. With no guidance, a string of dysfunctional relationships resulted in the decades ahead. He almost got married and had multiple children with a pathological liar and closet drug addict. With two miscarriages, one late term, the universe was telling him to cut the line and run.


After high school, he spent four years at Syracuse University, earning his first useless degree in production. After freezing his tuchas in Upstate New York, he took a job as a production assistant in Miami for a corporate and commercial production company. Eventually he was elevated to editor and producer while earning his second useless degree, this time a MFA at the University of Miami. Shortly after graduation, he was hired by local colleges, including UM, to teach production.


Then he met Joy, a local model and actress about to take her shot in L.A. While he had a comfortable living in South Florida, producing TV shows and films was his dream. In the summer of 2000, they moved into a 400 square foot studio apartment in West Hollywood.


Life did not come easy in the City of Angels. Work was scarce for the both of them, but they were trench buddies and survived together. Until she decided she wanted to become the first white female rapper which he thought was a great idea. Eminem was huge and the industry was looking for ‘Feminem.’ She had the looks, she had the street credibility (her dad murdered her mom when she was 8.  She told him this the first day we moved in together), but could she rap? That’s to be decided by the listener of the demo he financed on his credit card.


After two years of barely treading water, he took my first job as a director in the adult entertainment industry. He answered an online ad created by a young Mexican with a speech impediment who was looking for a director for his first adult production. For $500, he shot Ricardo’s movie and a new career began.


In the summer of 2003, he accepted defeat and moved them back to Florida in his busted jalopy.  He returned to the corporate world while nurturing his burgeoning porn business.  Joy worked on taking bong hits on their futon. He could not afford a couch.


He earned his stripes as a director during the Miami years. He was working with amateurs in seedy hotel rooms, but the bills were getting paid. Unfortunately, he hardly made a dent in the $30000 credit card debt because he was supporting an unemployed white female rapper. Everything changed when she left in late 2004. Then he met the men who would become Brazzers.


They were fraternity brothers in Montreal who knew how to market porn on the internet and drive sales and traffic. They liked him because he worked hard, didn’t mess with their money,  and gave them solid content without delay. Between them and other consistent customers, the credit card debt was gone in 10 months. Now he had a growing business South Florida’s talent pool could not sustain. He did not want to go back to L.A. and face bad memories and the high cost of living forced him to look elsewhere.


There was no state income tax in Vegas and it was a quick flight from L.A. He could bring L.A. to him. Brazzers was ready to level up their business and told him they would commit to 20 shoots a month if he made the move to a house in Vegas.


This was a huge risk, but something in his belly told him to chase it. To be fearless. Porn was not fulfilling, but he had a good thing going that was giving stability for the future. The trick was existing within the business without losing his soul. It eventually became a daily battle with a variety of coping mechanisms.


The combination of timing, hard work, and luck helped him become part of something which changed the industry forever. He treated it as a business with the intent of having the talent leaving sets happy and wanting to come back. It was the Golden Age of porn. Eventually, first ownership made their fuck you money ($140M) when they sold to a man who bought up a lot of the big adult companies during his reign. When he was arrested for tax evasion, third ownership took over the Porn Monopoly, which they still own and operate.


At first, he operated out of the house he still lives in. After sitting on a toilet that had remnants of baby oil from a female talent’s ass, he started renting houses. Shooting in houses is very gray legalwise, so he leased and created a legal, licensed porn studio before eventually buying his own in 2015. Shooting porn in the #metoo era was slowly becoming too slippery of a slope.  When Covid hit, his time was at its end. He was ready, although saying goodbye to the money was the hardest part. Smart investing over the years mixed with reducing overhead made early retirement possible. Just before vacating the studio for his incoming tenant, he shot an independent feature about his time in the industry. More stories were there, so he wrote a book about the journey. For the rest of his days, he woke up happy. He reads, he writes, and loves his dogs and helps other dogs in need. This porn story actually has a happy ending.



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