Michael Vegas, Siouxsie Q Proudly Present Pure Taboo’s Aged Out: A Coco Lovelock Story

Filmmakers Michael Vegas and Siouxsie Q shine a light on the evil that lurks behind a beautiful façade in their newest release from Adult Time/Pure Taboo, Aged Out: A Coco Lovelock Story – available August 1 at PureTaboo.com.



With a collaborative script from Lovelock and Siouxsie Q that’s heavily inspired by some of their favorite horror/thriller films, the featurette stars Ana Foxxx and Isiah Maxwell as a loving couple who take in a troubled girl from the foster care system to give her a better life. They soon learn, however, that young Coco’s unsettling behavior might be more than they bargained for…

“Siouxsie approached me with this idea over a year ago, and I was so excited and ready to get onboard instantly,” said Lovelock. “Our visions aligned perfectly right from the start, and I’m so pleased that Adult Time and Pure Taboo were able to give us the support we needed to bring this project into the world. I’m so proud of what we all made together and can’t wait for everyone to see it.”

Vegas enthused, “This was one of Coco’s first forays into the world of contributing creatively behind the scenes, and she killed it!” And Isiah Maxwell and Ana Foxxx played their parts to perfection… they both brought it so hard.”
Siouxsie Q added,” I loved playing with the themes that Pure Taboo audiences crave: family role play, age play, manipulation, and hesitation/uncertainty, while also utilizing the full breadth of movie making components we had available to us at the time – all while collaborating with another visionary artist who cares about this industry and this work as much as I do. Coco is a force to be reckoned with, and working with her on this was so rewarding and so much damn fun.

“Isiah is one of the most talented male performers in the industry, both as a sex performer and actor, and it certainly helps that he’s also one of the most kind and genuine people I know. The same goes for Ana Foxxx; she truly inspires me. She’s a living legend, an actual movie star.

“As most folks probably know, Ana has a featured role in one of my favorite films of all time, Tangerine, so when the time came to cast the hefty non-sex acting role this script called for, Ana was kind of the only person we even considered to play this important character. Thank goodness she was interested and available, because the audience sees the story largely through that character’s perspective, and she totally nailed it… pun intended.”

Aged Out: A Coco Lovelock Story” is available exclusively through PureTaboo.com and on the AdultTime.com streaming network. Watch Siouxsie and Michael’s very first collaborations for Adult Time for free, and access tens of thousands of titles from every genre all year long at Adultti.me/siouxsieq.
To learn more about Michael Vegas, find and follow him via Linktr.ee/MichaelVegas, and find Siouxsie Q at ilovesqmedia.com.

Michael Vegas is an award-winning actor, photographer and media creator with more than a decade of experience in the adult film industry. The Orange County, California native, while blessed with a natural talent for dramatic expression, spent his formative years training to become a firefighter until a near-fatal motorcycle accident forced him to reevaluate his priorities. Michael emerged from the ordeal with a new perspective on life, determined to live for himself and pursue his creative passions.
An accomplished photojournalist and editorial image creator with a unique producing style that seamlessly incorporates the real and surreal in his work, Michael offers a fresh perspective to modern filmmaking, exploring provocative themes with a distinctive blend of artistry and authenticity. Along with his intuitive gifts as an onscreen performer, Michael is well-versed in the art of delivering creative concepts from their fledgling state and guiding them into classic evergreen content.
Michael’ international presence as a producer, director and actor currently spans multiple platforms and outlets; he has been featured in high-profile media outlets such as Rolling Stone, Vice, GQ, High Times and BBC’s Louis Theroux: Forbidden America, where Michael discusses his content creation process, views on masculinity and self-enjoyment and his advocacy of adult performers’ rights – both in and out of the industry.
More recently, he and his partner Siouxsie Q have been producing adult film features for the Gamma Entertainment/Adult Time brands, including titles for gay cinema brand Disruptive Films, as well as Adult Time original content from Transfixed, Pure Taboo, and the Super Horny series.
Based in Los Angeles, Michael, who often creates his distinctive content alongside his esteemed partner Siouxsie Q, is currently available for adult and mainstream opportunities within the fields of acting, directing, producing, intimacy coordinating, content creation, stunts, and specialty movement training. Visit Linktr.ee/MichaelVegas.

Siouxsie Q is an internationally acclaimed writer, performer, content creator, and media strategist with over a decade of experience in the adult film industry. She has appeared in over 100 films as a performer and is quickly approaching the same number as a director and producer.
Growing up, Siouxsie Q was organizing and advocating for LGBTQ+ rights, launching her high school’s first Gay/Straight Alliance. She continued her work at university as a judge for her school’s Queer Film Festival and later holding policy and advocacy leadership positions at the ACLU of Southern California, the Free Speech Coalition, the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee and the winning campaign against California’s Proposition 60 during the 2016 election.
Siouxsie Q has written two books, including Truth, Justice and the American Whore, and her essays and reporting have been featured in top publications such as Rolling Stone, Wired, The Sacramento Bee, as well as her popular column in the San Francisco Weekly, which ran for nearly four years. Her unique perspectives and projects have been showcased in various media outlets, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, The BBC, CNN and NBC, as well as her influential Whorecast Podcast.
More recently, she and her partner Michael Vegas have been producing adult film features for the Gamma Entertainment/Adult Time brands, including titles for gay cinema brand Disruptive Films, as well as Adult Time original content from Transfixed, Pure Taboo and the Super Horny series.
Currently residing in Los Angeles, Siouxsie Q works as a full-time director and producer, while also consulting and collaborating with PASS Certified to improve access to health and safety resources for adult industry workers. To learn more about Siouxsie Q, visit ilovesqmedia.com.





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