Naked News host/Cover Model/Superstar Laura Desirée exclusive interview part 1


Fresh off her third cover and first centerfold for Hustler magazine and less than a week before a very special personal appearance {the day before her birthday no less} at New York City’s Museum of Sex on Wednesday, April 5th, from 5-8pm, Laura Desirée sat down with the emmreport for a wide ranging discussion about all aspects of her life.

The very candid model/actress/host/creator/influencer left no stone or subject off limits, sometimes frank, always honest, very sincere, unapologetic, and not afraid to speak her mind, provides a rare insight

to all aspects of her life and career.


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According to her bio:

Laura Desirée is a multi-faceted model, performer, media personality and host of Canada’s Naked News entertainment program who began her career dancing on bar tops and bottle service tables in some of New York City’s most prestigious hotels and Lower East Side dive bars. As a promoter for numerous nightlife events, she quickly gained popularity as a go-go dancer and burlesque performer after studying at the New York School of Burlesque. Desirée eventually returned to her hometown of Toronto, where she produced and performed cabaret entertainment and served as Creative Director for Candyland cabaret and nightclub. Desirée has traveled the globe as an emcee and model, earning the nickname “The Big City Kitty.”, and her 2022 podcast series about sex work, Red Umbrella Talk, with co-producer/director Ellen Stagg, is set for production on Season Two in 2023.




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