Scarlett Sage exclusive interview

Super star & annual Girl/Girl Performer of the Year nominee Scarlett Sage speaks to the EMMREPORT  while partying the night away in Los Angeles during the Heaven and Hell Halloween party 2019. Scarlett talks with us about the growth of her career, her recent project with Missa X and much, much more. This short three minute interview also contains a wealth of information coming from a woman whose dedication to her brand shows the power of a career in adult films when done with passion and dedication. That is the amazing Scarlett Sage. Book her thru Motley Models.Follow her on Twitter:

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Khloe Kingsley-From Bible Belt to Superstardom exclusive profile

Born in the Bible Belt, and forced into signing abstinence cards in seventh and eighth grade saying she wouldn’t have sex before marriage is not the typical trajectory for someone entering the Adult Industry. Once her mom found her journal detailing all her naughtiest adventures and promptly kicked her out. By chance, or maybe fate,  […]

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Ana Foxxx- From Minister’s Daughter to Superstar- Exclusive Profile

Ana Foxxx’s path to Superstardom has been anything but ordinary. The Southern Cali native once had aspirations to be a Ballerina and a Clown, was raised by a father who was a minister, an Aunt who was a Pastor and was always told to remain pure, abstain from having sex. After going to both Public […]

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Some People have dreams, others live them, exclusive Siouxsie Q/Michael Vegas profile

Advocate-Actress-Producer-Director are just a few hats Siouxsie Q wears, along with real life partner Michael Vegas who almost wears as many hats as Siouxsie Q, the dynamic duo is quickly becoming a force to reckon with, both behind the camera {as a creative team}, and behind the scenes {advocating for change on all levels for […]

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