Skye Blue Brings Seduction to Kink Queens Magazine for Fall Cover & Feature


Fall is here, and there’s definitely a lot to be excited about, including Issue 52 of Kink Queens Magazine, with Skye Blue gracing the cover and taking over the inside of the publication with 18 pages. Sarah Paradini shot the high-end glamour all-white cover and the stunning and thought-provoking feature photos. Two photos in the Table of Contents are courtesy of Delphine Films. Skye’s feature also has an exclusive interview penned by veteran writer Ralph Greco Jr. Skye fields questions about her favorite types of content to shoot and platforms to advertise herself and sell content, her fashion background, and being hyper-aware of style on and off set, award nominations, and her paintings.

“Sarah Paradini shot these photos specifically for Kink Queens, and I love how irreverent they are. I also gave them a few glamour shots that made the cover and feature look amazing. I’m honored to be on the covered and featured in such an incredible publication,” says Skye Blue.

The 70-page Issue 52 Fall 2023 is available in digital and printed versions on MagCloud And right now, the digital version is free.

Skye Blue is exclusive with OC Modeling. Get her on your set by contacting Sandra at 818.298.6939, Anthony at 818.428.0978, or Eric at 818.854.5175.

Story: Ralph Greco, Jr.
Ralph Greco, Jr. is the devilishly clever nom de plume of professional writer/musician Ralph Greco who lives in the wilds of suburban New Jersey. He is also a podcast co-host, but as everyone has a podcast these days, this fact is of very little consequence.

Ralph can be reached by writing [email protected]


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