Stevie Moon- From Life Guard to Super Star-Exclusive profile

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How does a Shy loner from the Midwest become one of the “Must Watch” performers for 2024 in the Adult Entertainment Industry? For the Kansas City native, it begins, innocently enough in High School, where she begins taking naughty selfies and perfecting her cock-teasing skills. Growing up poor, she was bullied thru out her formative years, which taught her to always be self reliant, something she still enjoys to this day. While her adult career may have gotten off to a some what slower then hoped start, she recently signed with the fledging new agency Performers First, and things picked up accordingly.


Interview: Sherman Way

Editor: Ralph Greco Jr.

Photos courtesy of Stevie Moon


Free Magazine Version:

SW: Sherman Way

SM: Stevie Moon

SW: You’ve been in the business three years?

SM: Three years in March.

SW: How many scenes have you done? I ask because someone mentioned you haven’t done a lot of scenes in that amount of time. Is that true?

SM: That’s correct. I’ve only done twenty or  twenty five scenes.

SW: Was that done on purpose?

SM: Not on purpose, no. I just think the agency I was with before wasn’t the right fit type situation.

SW: Speaking of agencies, you just signed with the new agency Performers First. How did that come up?

SM: I’m actually really good friends with Nathan Bronson, and we were playing video games, and he knew I was kind of on my way out of porn. I was not quite sure what to do with my career, just a little confused where to go. And he told me that one of his friends that he’s known in the industry for a while, Tiffany, was building a new agency. And he put me in contact with her from there.

SW: You mentioned you were getting out of the business. Were you just frustrated with where your career was going? Were you not happy with how things were progressing for you?

SM: I was not happy with where my career was going. I just felt like I wasn’t getting the momentum that I wanted in the time frame that I wanted. So, I was just kind of really frustrated with it and on my way out.

SW: Momentum being; did you come in with like a business plan? Did you say ‘I want to be here in six months and be there in a year and then that?’ Did you not reach those goals?

SM: For myself, yes. I wanted to do a certain number of scenes a year. I wanted to hopefully be in the future by two years. There was kind of like milestones I had for myself personally, I just didn’t get there. So, I feel like I kind of disappeared. So, I was just like not quite sure where to go with it.

SW: Where are you from originally?

SM: Kansas City, originally.

SW: Born and raised?

SM: No, I was born there, but moved away when I was three and then lived in Vegas up until recently. Then I moved to Los Angeles.

SW: Growing up, did you go to a public school, private school in grade school?

SM: I went to public school.

SW: Did you have a favorite subject?

SM: I would say reading. I always had my head in a book. I was really good at that. SW: And I know you were really young at that point, but did you have any idea what you want to do with the rest of your life?

SM: Actually, I did. When I was in high school, I really wanted to go into cosmetology. I wanted to be a hair person. I wanted to dye hair and cut hair and make people pretty and do that whole thing. But I had a lot of friends who ended up going into that career straight out of high school. And I just found out it was very hard. You have to really build your clientele, it just didn’t quite sound like what I imagined in my head. So, I didn’t go that route.


SW: In grade school and high school, were you ever bullied?

SM: I was, yes, unfortunately. I grew up a little poorer, so I was in the poorer neighborhoods. And I got picked on for that, for sure, for not having a lot of money growing up.

SW: In high school, were you a popular girl? Were you a loner? Were you a geek? Were you a nerd?

SM: I was a huge loner. I don’t want to toot my own horn, but I was definitely a cute girl. I was one of those cute girls. I could have been popular if I wanted to be, but I am still to this day, I’m a huge loner. I have a couple of friends. That’s it. I keep to myself. I like hanging out with my dogs and playing video games.

SW: Were you popular with the boys in high school?

SM: Yeah. I was going to say no, but yeah. I had a lot of boys who were interested in me, but I never gave them time. I was one of those kind of like, drag them along types. I would just like play with them a little bit and then disappear. I don’t want to say insecure, but..

SW: Did you not want to do something with them, or did you just like being a loner?

SM: I would say I was a loner because I would get to know these guys. I would actually try to put effort into them and see if they were interesting or what the case may be. And then I would just find out they weren’t interesting enough or they didn’t have anything I was interested in. So, I just got bored with them pretty quick. So I would just kind of disappear from that. I did have a couple of longer-term boyfriends in high school, but well, longer-term in high school, which is like six months.

SW: Most of the other boys, were they just interested in getting in your pants?

SM: Yeah, they definitely were. I didn’t lose my virginity until I was sixteen, though. I held out. But yeah, most of them were interested in getting in my pants. I just had to wait for the right one.

SW: In high school, did you go to your prom?

SM: I didn’t, actually. I ended up dropping out in 10th grade, and I got my GED. And from there, I just went directly into working and stuff. So pretty boring.

SW: Did your favorite subject change in high school? I know you liked reading when you were in grade school. Did you still like reading in high school?

SM: Reading definitely carried over into high school all through middle school, grade school, and then into the two years of high school I did. It definitely stayed my favorite subject, for sure.

SW: Do you remember the first time you saw something adult-related, a magazine, a movie, the internet?  Maybe you saw a late-night program on HBO or Showtime that was softcore or?

SM: Yes, Oh, man. I think it was HBO because I think HBO used to, I don’t know if they still have it or not. but they had those dirty channels at night. And there was a lot of nudity in it and not per se like a sex film or whatever. But there was a lot of nudity in it. So, I would watch that all the time.

SW: When you saw that type of material, did the thought ever cross your mind that, I could do that?

SM: Not really. I just thought it was interesting because I’m bisexual, so I was like, ‘Women are hot.’ I didn’t understand it at the time, but I was like, ‘She’s superhot. I like all these girls. I like what they’re doing. This seems like a lot of fun.’ And it definitely opened the door to my sexuality and all the crazy things I ended up doing as I got older. But I never thought at that point, that I could do that.

SW: In high school, did you ever send your boyfriends any dirty pictures or naughty pictures?

SM: All the time. I was always sending him nudes or any guy I was talking to.

SW: But did you do those for the attention?

SM: I liked the attention I got from it. I like the reaction he’s giving me when I show him me all naked and the poses I’m doing and stuff.

SW: Did your boyfriends or any of those guys lie to you and swear that they never showed them to anybody else, but you know they did?

SM: Well, not that I know of because a lot of those guys I never really talked to again, but I’m sure they did, which I honestly wouldn’t even be upset, but I’m sure they did.

SW: Do you remember when you started doing that?. It’s only because you were a shy person, yet you seem to get you to open up very quickly when you take nudes of yourself.

SM: Yes. And that is something that’s also carried on into my adult life, for sure. I just think it made me feel more confident.

SW: When you start taking nudes of yourself, did it almost bring you out of your shell? Because you were a loner, but the minute you showed your boobies or something, you were just lit up and you were happy, right?

SM: I would say so. It definitely brought me out of my shell. It definitely gave me some confidence for sure. I think that’s part of the reason I ended up camming so early. That’s kind of how I got into porn is I was camming for a couple of years, and then I had some friends get into porn, and then I went from there. But yeah, I think that definitely gave me some confidence taking nudes and stuff.


SW: Did it also give you a sense of power or maybe a sense of rebellion or something naughty that you were doing?

SM: Absolutely. I always felt like I shouldn’t be doing this, but I like it. I always felt like, dirty, a little naughty, but I always loved doing it. I always have a second thought. Should I not be doing this? I probably shouldn’t be sending nudes to people, but I did it anyways every time.

SW: Were they just photos or did you send video clips?

SM Oh, no. There was definitely video clips, for sure. Yeah. Yeah. Some solos, for sure. Just masturbating or whatever. Yeah, I kind of tortured these boys a little bit. I’m sure. More than a little bit. Because then we would hang out and they would be like expecting us to do something, and I would never give it up.

SW: So it sounds like you enjoyed being a cock tease.

SM: A little bit.

SW:Ok, you graduate. You mentioned you got some jobs. What type of jobs were they?

SM: When I got out of high school I immediately went into being a lifeguard, funny enough, because I’m 4’11. So a lot of people are nervous when they’re expecting me to save them, but I could. But after I was a lifeguard, I directly went into working for technology companies, I worked for Sony, then Verizon for a little bit.

SW: How do you make the transition into the wonderful world of Adult entertainment? Take camming for sake of discussion.

SM: While I was doing those mainstream jobs, like working for Sony and Verizon and even lifeguarding, I was always camming as a side job. And then it just kind of got to a point where, two years ago, I was working for TikTok, and I was still camming off and on. And I just decided to go into camming full-time because I really enjoyed it. I’m like, ‘Why don’t I just do this as a full-time thing, be an OnlyFans model, do camming, make that my main job.’ So, I quit TikTok. From there, I was trying to think about how I could do more, like with my career.

SW: Ok, take a step back, how did you actually get into camming? How does a loner, shy, quiet girl suddenly want to be naughty on camera?

SM: That’s a cute story. So, I had a friend. She is an OnlyFans model now, Jasmine Gray. She was in the porn industry for a short period of time, and she was camming for a really long time. But I had known her since middle school, and we were really good friends. Once we got really close, she finally admitted to me that she was a CAM model, but she was like really nervous to tell me because she didn’t know how I would feel about it. So she kind of introduced me to that world because she was making a really good amount of money off of it. And it really opened my eyes. I said, “Wow, I’m like taking nudes and sending nudes to people for free. And you’re like sitting on a cam and making all this money just by doing solos and masturbating and being naked. I could be making money off of this.” And it kind of went from there. And I opened my own camming profile shortly after that.

SW: And when you started camming, was it strictly for the money or the attention?

SM: It started out for the money because when I started camming, I was a lifeguard, and the lifeguard money was not very good. So I said, “I want to make some more money. Like Jasmine’s doing really well. I could do the same thing.” And I started doing it.

But then I quickly realized that I like being watched, and I like the attention. So, I kind of discovered some things about myself. So, it’s kind of now turned into I just like being watched. I like people watching me play with myself, play with other people, stuff like that. I mean, the money is definitely nice, but it’s more so just like experimenting at this point.

SW: And for sake of discussion, you were a little bit of a cock tease in high school. Now that you’re on cam, how much of a cocktease can you be?

SM: I definitely liked that part, too. For sure.

SW: Do you remember the first time you were doing a live show, I guess, and the guy pulls out his thing? Did that shock you? Did that scare you? Did it turn you on?

SM: I was nervous because at that point, I had already had sex and stuff, and I was sexually active. But I was nervous because I thought, ‘This is a guy I’ve never like, I don’t know anything about this man. I don’t know where he’s from. I don’t know anything about him.’ And he just pulls it out. I was definitely a little shocked at first, but quickly got turned on because I got turned on by the fact that it was like a stranger and it was a little taboo.

SW: So, how long does it take you to take control of that kind of a situation? Do you start telling the guy what to do? Because I imagine he’s trying to please himself while you’re doing your thing.

SM: I definitely learned that I could control the situation for sure. I am a little bit submissive in nature, though. So, it depended on the guy. Sometimes I would just do whatever he would tell me, or I would tell him what to do. But I definitely enjoyed controlling the situation.

SW: Are you sexually submissive or submissive in your personal life and everything else?

SM: I would say both. I was going to say just sexually submissive, but in life, I am pretty submissive as well.

SW: But do you think, and it’s just my two cents here, that you’re a good-looking woman, you’ve had a whole lot more sexual experience than most of the guys you’ve probably met in your life, that you might intimidate them?

SM: Yeah. I think so. I think that’s definitely a possibility that I might intimidate some men. Probably some women, too, because I am bisexual. I feel like I’ve had a lot of experiences where I will tell a woman or a man, I do porn, and they disappear. They never talk to me again. I think it is a little intimidating for most people.

SW: You mentioned you’re bisexual. When was the first time you knew you were bisexual?

SM: Oh, I would say I was right around sixteen or seventeen. It was actually with a friend. We were hanging out watching movies, and we were cuddling. And she just started kissing me. And I was kissing her back, and it went from there.

SW: Had you been secretly quietly checking her out and maybe had dirty thoughts running through your mind before you kissed her?

SM: Oh, absolutely. Because we were cuddling up on each other. We even were flirting before then.We were definitely flirting at that point before, but I didn’t realize that that’s what it was, per se. I was just like, ‘This is just like girls. This is how girls are.’ And definitely more than that.

SW: I’m going to guess that she went down on you first, or did you go down on her first?

SM: She went down on me first. She was definitely more experienced, for sure, with the ladies because that was the first time I was ever with a woman.

So she went down on me. She was very forceful about it, but in a sexy way, it was like totally consensual. But she just like ripped my panties off and went down on me, and it was super-hot.

SW: Now when you get ready to go down on her, are you nervous? Are you excited? I mean, you’ve got this beautiful vagina in front of you and this totally hot woman. Do you instinctively know what you’re supposed to do, or you just kind of wing it?

SM: I would say it’s part winging it and part excitement and knowing what to do because I’ve been with a good amount of women at this point on set and in my personal life. So, I definitely know what I’m doing, but all women are different. It’s not as simple as a guy, I don’t think. So, you kind of have to try it, see if they like it, and go from there.

SW: What type of woman are you into?

SM: Oh, I love a feminine woman. I love a really feminine woman. I’m attracted to, you know, the type of girl who loves to get her hair done and her nails done. And she’s always at Bath and Body Works and Forever 21 and shopping. And I love that type of woman. Just someone who’s super feminine. Yeah, I love that.

SW: We’ll call you a cam expert because you’ve doing it for two years. What is a good cam show?

SM: Oh, a good cam show; I would say first and foremost, it’s about your setup. So, if you have a nice background, a nice bed, that’s definitely going to help. Good lighting, a good camera, good equipment all around because if you don’t have good equipment, it’s not going to go well. And just keeping the energy going, playing a lot of games with your CAM people that come in, with your tippers, just keeping them going, keeping them interactive the entire time is very important. But I would say what makes a good cam show is just being interactive, and being positive the entire time is definitely going to help.

SW: And a good cam show or a good OnlyFans account, which we’ll touch base on. Is it more about personality or the guys just want to see your beautiful naked body and you’re getting boned?

SM: I think it’s a little bit of both. Because, I mean, if you have a shitty personality, then I mean, people are still going to want to see you naked. But, if you have a good personality as well, people are going to want to keep coming back to you.

SW: You mentioned being submissive. The people you, I guess, let dominate you for sake of discussion. Would they tell you to choke yourself and stuff, or would they tell you to talk like a dirty little girl, or what? And how would you respond to that?

SM: I mean, it depended on the tipper, for sure. But a lot of them like to control what I would do. So, they would tell me what to do, when to do it, when to use the vibrator, when to use the dildo, those sorts of things. I had other people who would just like me to dress up and act littler type situations, like schoolgirl skirts, stuff like that. Yeah, those are some of the situations, usually.

SW: Did you do DDLG stuff?

SM: Yes. That’s actually a kink I discovered in my early twenties and has carried on into my late twenties. That is something I’m very much into to this day, for sure.

SW: But is it for at home or is it on camera? SM: Right now, I do that on camera and at home. It’s definitely a role-play type of thing. Just like Daddy Dom, little girl is the phrase, but it’s a role play.

SW: And before you got into the adult business, how much stuff were you doing in webcams? Were you doing boy, girl, and the whole thing or just solos?

SM: I was just doing solos before I got into porn. I didn’t have any partners at that time who were comfortable enough to be on camera, nor did I know a lot of people who would want to be on camera with me. Plus, I’m kind of shy. So, in my day-to-day life, I’m a shy loner. So, I feel weird asking you to come have sex with me on camera. I mean, now it’s a little different, but before I was too shy to ask.

SW: How much different is Stevie the character than you?

SM: I would say Stevie is only slightly different than who I am in my real life. She’s definitely a bit more outgoing for sure versus me in my normal life. I am more reserved and quiet, and I like to play my games and hang out with my dogs and my partner. But Stevie’s a bit more outgoing, but she’s pretty close to how I am in my day-to-day life.

SW: And sexually speaking, who’s freakier? SM: Stevie, for sure. The camera person. I am still pretty freaky in my day-to-day life. I’ll do anal randomly. I like BDSM in my day-to-day life. I do DDLG in my day-to-day life. So, I guess Stevie’s freakier, but I still do those kinky things in my usual life.

SW: But then you did no boy-girl before you got in the adult business, correct? I mean, the mainstream adult business.

SM: Correct. Yes. I was only doing solo stuff at that point.

SW: Prior to getting in the adult business, had you had any preconceived notions about the porno industry?

SM: I had had people tell me that it was sketchy, for the better word, or that you can be trafficked or like a bunch of scary stuff. Like, you’ll end up being addicted to certain things and you know all the scary stuff. I definitely had seen those documentaries and stuff like that, but I know better. So I reached out to my friends and I said, “Hey, is it really like this? Because I find it hard to believe. I know there’s certain circumstances where things happen, but is it like this?” And it’s not. So, I did have a little bit of a preconceived notion, but it quickly went away.

SW: At this point, for you, what’s the reality of this business versus what people think it is?

SM: For me, I love the industry. I definitely had a negative space in my mind for it just because of how my career was going for a little bit. But I think it’s a great industry. I don’t think it’s anything for anyone to not get into. I think there’s just a lot of negative connotations around it and a lot of negativity because people are afraid of people who are sexually positive. But I think the industry is great.

SW: So, you decide to get in the adult business; let’s say you’re first scene was a boy/girl for sake of discussion. We’ll call the actor Johnny. You go to set and you walk up and he says, “Hi, I’m Johnny. I’ll be “working” with you today.” Does it turn you on? Does that excite you, make you nervous?

SM: To me, it’s just another day at work. I’m a little nervous when I’m driving to set and before the scene, but once the camera’s turned on, I’m no longer shy. I’m ready to go. I’m good.

SW: But that first actual scene, because I know you mentioned earlier you were turned on when the guy had taken his thing out, and you got turned on because he was a stranger. So, were you turned on to have sex with the guy that you didn’t know?

SM: Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. My first scene was fabulous. I had a great time. It was for Hot MILFS Fuck, I believe, is what they were called. But I loved it. I loved not knowing everything about the person. I loved him kind of being like a stranger. It was super-hot to me. The way they did it is I was having the talent, his name was Tyler. He was fucking me, and then I had someone else holding a vibrator on me. And I’m like, “That’s the first time I’ve ever had anyone do that to me.” So, it was super-hot to me.

SW:  That first shoot, was it more nervous for you doing the sex or doing the dialogue and stuff, assuming there was dialogue?

SM: For the first scene, there wasn’t really much dialogue. They asked me some kind of like get-to-know-you questions. And then we pretty much just went straight into sex.

I mean, the most nerve-wracking thing about that day was probably flying there, I would say.

SW: And the actual “sex”, was there a favorite part of it to you? I’m guessing there were three positions and a pop, like the standard thing.

SM: Yeah. It was a regular type of scene. There was a little bit of everything in it. It was longer. There was like some blowjobs, some pussy eating. I rode a toy for a little bit. There was a bunch of different stuff in there. But yeah, he actually popped twice, he gave me a cream pie, and then he popped on my face. So that was really fun.

SW: So, you do the first scene. It goes well. Do you immediately decide you want to do this more, or do you maybe take some time off and think about it?

SM: No, I immediately decided I loved it after the first scene. I was booked for my second scene shortly after that, and haven’t looked back since.

SW: You’re doing boy-girl, anal, the whole bit now?

SM: Yeah, now I’m doing everything. I started off doing anal pretty early in my career, so I am doing anal. The only things I haven’t done is DP, gangbang, any big group stuff I haven’t done yet.

SW: Is that a business decision, or is that just something you haven’t been booked for?

SM: It’s a business decision. Anal is something that I wish I did wait a little bit longer to do. I kind of want to wait a little bit longer on the other things. That might be like milestones per se.

SW: Do you have an OnlyFans at this point? SM: I do, yes. I’ve had an OnlyFans for a couple of years.

SW: Tell me about that. What’s your handle and all that?

SM: My handle on there is @XStevie Moon X. It’s $5 a month. I was thinking about doing a free one as well, though. So probably going to open up a free OnlyFans at some point. I do a little bit of everything, solos, boy girls, boy, girl, girls, girl girls. I do a bunch of stuff on there.

SW: The content you shoot for your OnlyFans, is this stuff you want to shoot or stuff you think will sell?

SM: It’s stuff I want to shoot with people I want to shoot it with. I definitely made it a point when I was getting into this that I wasn’t going to do anything that I was uncomfortable with. So, whenever I shoot content with someone, it’s someone I really want to shoot with and I’m very comfortable with and stuff I want to do. SW: We touched on it earlier about doing custom work. Do you do custom work on your OnlyFans?

SM: I do, yes. I do custom videos.

SW: Craziest request you got for a custom video?

SM: Fisting and poop. They keep asking me to poop. I don’t know. I don’t know what it’s about, I don’t get it. I really don’t.

SW: Are you on social media?

SM: Yes. I’m on all of them at @xsteviemoonx.

SW: Assuming you have time off and you’re not doing silly interviews like this, what do you like to do?

SM: If I have time off, I feel so boring. I feel like I don’t do anything. I’m either reading or playing a good video game or hanging out with my partner, walking my dogs.

SW: Are you more submissive with women than you are with men?

SM: I’m actually a little bit more dominant with women, surprisingly.

SW: Are you comfortable walking up to a woman in the mall or something and starting a conversation, or would that make you too nervous?

SM: I’d say I am more comfortable with women in general. So, I would definitely be more comfortable walking up to a woman and just starting a conversation if I thought she was cute and go from there. Guys are a little bit more intimidating for me, but women I have a bit more confidence with because I feel like I know them better because I am one.

SW: Do you have a male dirty perv mind when you see a chick across the way in the mall? Thinking, ‘I would love to do all the stuff to her.’

SM: Oh, absolutely. I’ll be walking with my my partner, and I’ll just be like, “Did you see that girl’s ass? Did you see her tits? They were so good.” And he’s like, “Yes, they were.”

SW: You’d mentioned earlier you lost your virginity at sixteen?

SM: Yes.

SW: Prior to going all the way, had you done BJ’s, handjobs, anything?

SM: No. I had not done any of that. The only thing I had done prior was kissing. That was about it and dry humping.

SW: Do you remember where you lost your virginity?

SM: Yes, I do. It was in the home that I grew up in. Everyone was home. I have two brothers. Well, I have one brother and one sister, and my mom and my dad were both home, and I lost it in my bedroom. It definitely didn’t go as planned.

And I thought I hated sex after that. I was like, ‘This is terrible. Why does anyone do this?’ But I kept experimenting with it, and it got better from there.

SW: Did you initiate that? Was it a boyfriend wanting to do it, or girlfriend’s peer pressure that made you do it?

SM: Oh, I fully initiated it. I was way ready to have sex.

At that point, it was a long-distance boyfriend who was coming to visit in town, and we had been dating online for like six months to a year, I think. So, I felt like I knew him well enough, and we were in love and all that stuff. So, it was definitely planned, for sure.

SW: With the long-distance thing, were you guys doing stuff on camera and phones and stuff back and forth, masturbating, all that? SM: Oh, oh, yes. Absolutely. We talked every day, and I probably got naked on camera every day.

SW: Was it a turn-on for you then from having seen his penis so many times on camera that you had to have it when you saw him in person?

SM: Oh, absolutely. Yeah. I knew I was very attracted to him, and we had sex within the first two or three days that he was in town. So yeah, I knew I wanted it for sure.

SW: You have sex the first time, do you wait before you have sex again, or do you just jump right into it?

SM: Oh, no. I just jump right into it.

SW: And in relation to losing your virginity with that boyfriend, when was your first girlfriend or your first girl experience? Was that before the boy, girl, or after?

SM: It was after the boy-girl.

SW: Do you remember the first time you gave someone a BJ?

SM: Yes. It was with my first boyfriend again. I think it was within that week that he was visiting because he was coming down for a week to visit and hang out with his family and stuff. And I just gave him a blow job. I had braces at the time, so I was just very nervous that it was going to hurt him. And I’m sure it was terrible, but he said it was great. I don’t know. But he must have been so turned on.

SW: What’s the secret to a good BJ? Are you a hand person, a spit person?

SM: I’m definitely a very spitty blowjob giver, for sure. So, I would say the secret to a good BJ is a lot of spit and hands, for sure. Whether it’s just like on the shaft or it’s on the head, it’s on the balls.  You also have to be using your hands in some capacity. And lots of tongue, for sure.

SW: Do you like giving BJs for the sake of giving some a BJ? Does it have to go into sex, or could it just be a BJ and be done?

SM: Oh, no. BJ’s turned me on. I love them so much. So it could honestly be just a BJ, and that’s it. I do that all the time for my boyfriend. If my pussy is sore from work or whatever, we’ve been having sex too much, I am perfectly happy with him just like using my mouth and then going about my day. I won’t even masturbate. I won’t even get myself off or have him get me off. I’ll just say, “I’m going to get you off, and I’m perfectly content with that.”

SW: When you’re giving someone a BJ, do you have a sense of power over a man because you have this thing in your mouth?

SM: Oh, yes. It definitely makes me feel very powerful. I love that feeling of like, ‘I’m providing you this pleasure. I could stop at any point if I wanted to.’ And I think that’s really sexy. Part of the cocktail, yes. Part of it, yeah.

SW: Anal sex. Remember the first time you had anal sex?

SW: Yes. That was with a fuck buddy, actually. We just randomly decided to try it. I was not prepared or any way, but we tried it. It hurt. I did not like it. I thought after that, ‘I’m never doing this again. Like This is terrible. Why did I try this?’ And didn’t do it for a very long time. Up until I was married, I tried it again, still didn’t like it. I was like, ‘Maybe I’m not an anal person.’ After that, I agreed to do anal on camera. That’s when I realized that when I tried anal in the past, people weren’t doing it the correct way. But now I love anal. I will do anal in my personal life all of the time. I think it’s a great way to connect with people and I think it’s even more intense. For me, it’s more intense than fucking vaginally. Sometimes I like anal more, to be honest.

SW: How did the whole fuck buddy thing come up for you? Were you just bored and you wanted to try different people?

SM: Yeah. I mean, at that point in my life, I just wanted to just see what I could experience because I had just gotten out of that long-term relationship with the long-distance boyfriend. So I said, “I’m going to just have a bunch of different fuck buddies and see what I like sexually and what type of person I like.” So there was like a year or two there where I just had regular fuck buddies.

SW: Were you a hit-and-run type of girl where I guess you’re on Tinder and he’s cute? He’s hot. I’m going to bone him and kick him out?

SM: Sometimes. Well, I would say, yeah. I had a couple of regulars. I had some guys that I would see all the time. And then a couple of guys where I’d just be swiping and think ‘he’s cute, let’s hang out.’ And then it would just be a one-and-done because it wasn’t good or didn’t feel chemistry or whatever.

SW: First time you had a three-way. Do you remember that?

SM: Yeah. It was on camera, actually. I believe it was for Team Skeet.

I had my first off-camera three-way and my first on-camera three-way like within a similar time span.

SW: You as a woman, what is it that gets you going? Do you like your neck nibbled, your boobies played it, maybe your clit licked?

SM: Oh, for me, I definitely like being eaten out. So having my clit licked is good. I don’t have a lot of sensation in my nipples because I had them pierced. So that doesn’t do a whole lot for me. But having my pussy eaten, I also really love a lot of sensual kissing, like neck kisses and ear kisses. I love that sort of stuff. Just like sensual body things really get me going as well as pussy eating.

SW: Do you like rough sex?

SM: Oh, absolutely. That’s my favorite.

SW: Is spanking okay?

SM: Yes. Absolutely. I love Impact Play.

SW: Choking.?

SM: Oh, yes. Choking is a daily sexual thing, for sure.

SW: Is the rush for you when it comes to choking that you might pass out or that you did pass out?

SM: That I might pass out.

SW: Dirty talk.

SM: Absolutely. Yes. Please tell me all the dirty things that you would like to do to me.

SW: Are you a good dirty talker?

SM: I’m working on it. I get in my head a lot because I’m still shy in nature. In my personal life, it’s hard for me to come up with sexy things to come in the moment, but I am getting better at it, for sure.

SW: Do you like being blindfolded and handcuffed and all that?

SM: Yes. I love being tied down. I love being blindfolded. Like, the more freaky shit you can do to me, I’m all for.

SW: In that situation, though, is a turn on for you that you’re giving up control?

SM: Yes. Absolutely. That’s a huge thing for me. Since I’m a very submissive person, especially in the bedroom, I love just giving up control. Just like trusting that the DOM is going to do what’s best for me and what’s going to pleasure me most is a huge turn-on.

SW: Do you like having sex in public?

SM: Yes. I’m definitely an exhibitionist, I do like that being watched and stuff. So that’s definitely hot to me. I haven’t done it as much as I would like to, but.

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SW: Is the turn on is you might get caught or people are watching?

SM: It’s more so people are watching. That’s more so what turns me on. Getting caught is sexy too, but I like the people watching.

SW: You know what a badge bunny is?

SM: No.

SW: For sake of discussion, you’re doing your thing in the back seat of a car. A cop catches you. A badge bunny works out with the cop to let her go.

SM: Oh, okay. That’s pretty sexy.

SW: Would that be something you would think about doing?

SM: Yeah. Absolutely. That’s pretty hot. I never even knew that was a thing.

SW: Do you have celebrity crushes.

SM: I do, yes. I have a few. I mean, off the top of my head, I’m so attracted to the skinny gamer boy types. It’s bad. But Dylan O’Brien, he was in the “Maze Runner” movies. I’m trying to think about who else.

I’m so bad with names But those sort of gamery, skinny gamer boys, I think are hot.

SW: So for sake of discussion, Dylan wants to shoot a sex tape with you. What could he do to you?

SM: Whatever he wants. I’m so fine with whatever, except for poop. I don’t want to do the poop thing.

SW: What would you do to him?

SM: Oh, man. All of it. I would give him the best blowjob of his life, honestly.

SW: Would you peg him if you could?

SM: Oh, yes. I love pegging men. Pegging men is a good time. It’s really fun.

SW: Is it an aggressive thing for you? Like some girls have issues or had issues with men and it helps them if they peg somebody.

SM: For me, I love giving people pleasure. So, it’s more so on the pleasure side. I like being a little dominant over men, which I usually don’t get to be because I’m so submissive. And then being able to give them that type of pleasure that they don’t usually get, assuming. That’s a huge turn-on for me.

SW: Any female crushes

SM: The only one off the top of my head is Jenna Ortega. She’s hot as shit. The babe who just played Wednesday Addams on Netflix.

SW: Do you do RIM jobs?

SM: Yes.

SW: Do you like them?

SM: Oh, I love them. I love giving RIM jobs, it goes back to me wanting to pleasure whoever I’m with. So if that is a huge thing for them, I will go in and do that every day of the week.

SW: Anything you want to say to all of your fans?

SM: I would just say thank you for the ones who are still around and support me and encourage me to keep going with this and just brighten my day. I really appreciate you guys. You do make my day. I’m happy to have you with me and around me and in my life.

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