Alexis James Makes Her RealJam VR Debut

The future is now, and it is here in more ways than one with this bit of news media. Alexis James proudly announces her first starring role with RealJam VR, a company at the forefront of revolutionizing the virtual reality and entertainment industry. 8K videos, yes, we said 8K, and what way that is to see the “Supermodel Porn Star” Alexis James show you why and how she is going to capture that Best New Starlet Trophy in January 2025 and beyond with Stepsister’s Surprising Massage Request. A XXX adventure that is going to have you expecting a hell of a lot more from your messages in the future. An anal message adventure that will have you understanding why this starlet’s pursuit of the title of the “Queen of Anal” in the XXX world is not just a pipe dream but a reality that has so much behind its forecast.

“The whirlwind of success and stardom has been a road of peaks and valleys. I believe this is true for every performer in this industry, especially when they are starting out. RealJam VR is the real fucking deal! The camera, the technology, and the style of the performance. Yes, I was hot and bothered from the moment the camera started rolling. Even before, I had a nice big cock in my mouth. Working with a company like this makes you feel like the biggest star in the world with the detail with which they shoot. I hope fans are ready for a happy ending the likes of which they have never seen before!” – Alexis James.


Stepsister’s Surprising Massage Request is available to download and view with your favorite VR hardware ONLY at >>


“All in the family” fun, wet, and slippery messages, all portrayed on screen with elegance, allure, and kinky debauchery. That is the Supermodel Pornstar’s way. A style of performance and presentation that defines Alexis James and what she will be known for within the world of adult entertainment. Far too often, we only get the glitz and glamour with models as striking as Coxxx Model Alexis James. She is a performer who does more than “live her gimmick.” Every lick, suck, fuck, and eyelash bat is genuine Alexis James. A new starlet who loves sex, porn, and all the filth in between, maybe even more than her fans. Check out another of her “model debuts” with a company that equally brings the fans something to stare at and drool over. Better get your popcorn ready; the butter might just come in handy when you need something slippery while watching.


To book Alexis James, go to her model page at >>


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